Green Clean Day

Checklist for an Office Clean-Out Day

University departments or building may schedule a special Office Clean-Out day through the Rebel Recycling Program. We developed this check list to help departments plan a successful day to recover recyclable and reusable materials on a large scale. It is more fun and more efficient if many people clean and reorganize together. An organized Clean-Out frees up storage space, in addition to recycling idle papers that may be cluttering up your files.

  1. Plan ahead! Think of possible dates for the event. Keep in mind that you must give the Rebel Recycling Program at least one day's notice to reserve the recycling carts and request extra service. Call the Rebel Recycling Coordinator at 702-895-3760 to schedule or email and
  2. Talk to your office staff: gauge interest, set a final date.
  3. Promote the Clean-Out Day to department staff via email or meetings: Tell people why and how they should participate.
  4. Identify all areas to be cleaned out: personal work spaces,shared/common spaces, conference rooms, storage rooms, departmental library, junk room, etc. Schedule times to clean out each area. Identify coordinators to be responsible for any common or shared areas.
  5. Set some goals (i.e., "empty one entire filing cabinet, or two shelves") and target materials (i.e., office papers, newspapers,toner cartridges, old journals, re-usable supplies, items for donation, bottles and cans, used equipment and plain old trash.)
  6. Think of the best way to collect discarded materials: In a central location? Near elevator lobby? At loading dock?
  7. Contact Facilities Services (895-HELP) ahead of time if you plan on having additional custodial support in moving trash out of offices areas.
  8. If all staff members are participating in the Clean-Out day, have a plan to handle incoming phone calls, mail, and emergencies.
  9. Let your customers know that your office will be closed, and staff members unavailable, for the day (reset your outgoing voice mail messages).
  10. Have fun awards (i.e., "Most Reformed Pack-rat"), refreshments, and provide t-shirts for staff or encourage staff to "dress-down" for the day.
  11. Think reuse! Bring used equipment to Surplus. Have staff bring any unwanted supplies to a central location in your department. Set up an office supply exchange to trade re-usable items like rubberbands, folders, index cards, etc.
  12. Have the Clean-Out Day!
  13. Follow up with the Rebel Recycling Program to ensure all trash, recycling and collection carts are picked up. The Rebel Recycling Program will tell you how much was recycled by weight, exchanged, and disposed of in one day. Gather information on how much storage space was cleared.
  14. Publicize results to department staff and UNLV campus!