General Accounting and Banking Services

The General Accounting department is responsible for banking services including Wire/ACH/EFT transfer processing, credit card processing compliance training and monitoring, and journal voucher (JV) processing including reassignment of expenses, interdepartmental requisitions (IDR), and departmental transfers (VT). Another important function of the department is maintenance of account signature authorities.

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Telephone: 702-895-3957
Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday

Signature Authority

The signature authority process provides for electronic access for requests and submittal of new authorizations for departmental Advantage accounts.

Every departmental account signer must complete, one time only, a personal "Controller’s Office Authorized Signature Card." Please contact general accounting at if you need a personal signature card.

When that card is on file in the Controller’s Office, users can access online the "Authorized for Expenditure form" to add or remove authorized users on a specific Advantage account. This authorization form must include the names of all signers on that particular Advantage account and the name of the authorized Dean/AVP/Vice President in the appropriate sections of the authorization. The completed form may be submitted electronically by pressing the submit button at the bottom of the web page.

Authorization Form

Interdepartmental Expense Transfers and Fund Transfers

An IDR is an interdepartmental requisition form which can be used to record the sale of goods or services between campus departments or to record the transfer of cash between two accounts. The code "IX" is used in the numbering sequence for expense transfers, "TV" for transfers of cash between two accounts, and "II" for Intra-Institutional transactions. For more information about these types of transactions, please contact General Accounting or view our IDR Training Document.

IDR Training

Journal Vouchers and Reassignment of Expenses

Common Uses for a Journal Voucher (JV) are reassignment of expenses or revenues, correction of posting errors, and revenue or expense distributions. A journal voucher must be used when any transaction splits the amount of the IDR between two or more accounts to be credited as our Advantage system does not allow for this on an IDR. If you need a JV processed to make corrections and/or reassign expenses, please use the JV template and submit by email. For more information, contact General Accounting or view our JV Preparation Training document.

Journal Voucher Training