Tutoring Resources

Online Resources

  • Brainfuse Online Tutoringfree online tutoring for UNLV undergraduate students.
  • Google Scholar — Instead of combing through various databases for scholarly articles, Google Scholar allows for a convenient, all-in-one search location.
  • Remembering What You Read — Ever find yourself instantly forgetting a page as soon as you move on to the next page? This website is filled with tips to help combat that.
  • Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) — This reference site has all the information you need for citations, writing tips, and job-hunting help.
  • Clusty — It’s like Google but with a more academic focus.
  • Top 10 Secrets of College Success — Regardless of age, college is a time to discover your passions and continue your education. These 10 tips serve as an excellent guide to success in all aspects of college.
  • Eighteen Etiquette Tips for Emailing Your Professor — Email is the most common form of communication between faculty and students. This short guide will help you avoid any unprofessional content in emails.
  • What College Students Who Need Help Academically Should Do — A great how-to beginning guide for general academic information for new students. Remember, professors and staff are here to help you.
  • Cramster — A peer-to-peer site for students to ask each other questions on a variety of subjects.
  • Reddit — Besides memes and pictures of cats, Reddit is full of knowledgeable communities for help in many areas – from history to biology to current events.
  • Wridea — Ever struggle with brainstorming ideas or content for a paper or have difficulty with volumes of notes? This website organizes ideas into readable content.