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Welcome to the Department of Chemsitry and Biochemistry. As a science student, you will learn from top faculty and discover a diverse range of courses, all of which will prepare you with valuable work and life skills, a solid foundation for whatever career you choose to pursue.

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Academic Policies

Majors may count no more than one grade of D in chemistry courses toward meeting degree requirements. Chemistry courses taken more than eight years prior to the proposed date of graduation are subject to review by the department and, at the discretion of the department, such courses may not be allowed for application to a degree program. Students potentially affected by this policy should meet with the department chair.


No grade lower than a C (i.e., C- and below) may be applied toward a chemistry minor. Credit toward the minor will not be allowed for both CHEM 220 and CHEM 241.

Non-chemistry Majors

Non-chemistry majors who seek rigorous preparation in chemistry for medical school, graduate school in other fields, or research positions should consider the sequence CHEM 121, 122, 241, 241L, 242, 242L, and possibly CHEM 421 and 474-475.

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