If you have an undergraduate degree and wish to enroll in graduate-level accounting courses as a non-degree-seeking student, you may do so in limited situations:

  • If your undergraduate degree was in Accounting at UNLV and your undergraduate GPA was at least 2.75 OR
  • If you have applied to the MS in Accounting program but have not yet been admitted, you may be allowed to take graduate-level accounting courses for one semester or summer term before being admitted if you meet the GPA requirement for admission

To register for the classes:

  1. Complete the online application to become a non-degree-seeking student and provide the Graduate College with proof of your undergraduate program
  2. Provide a copy of your undergraduate transcript(s) to the Department of Accounting. Transcripts do not have to be official at this point.) BEH 415, Fax 702-895-4306


  • No financial aid is available to non-degree-seeking students
  • You are limited to 15 credits that will apply to the MS and you must receive a B or better in these classes for them to be used in the MS program.
  • To switch to the MS program you must apply, submit transcripts and the GMAT as you would under normal circumstances. The GMAT waiver does not apply to students who take the accounting core as a non-degree seeking graduate student.
  • Keep in mind non-degree seeking student registration is normally after all other groups have registered. Your registration date and time will be listed on your MyUNLV account.
  • You can take any graduate accounting course that you have the prerequisite for provided there is room in the class. You must have all necessary prerequisites for any class you want to enroll in, so take the time to visit the online graduate catalog and familiarize yourself with the prerequisites and other policies of the Graduate College.
  • You will not be able to enroll in any ACC class without first getting the permission set by the MS program director.
  • DO NOT ask to be admitted to a full class.
  • Students admitted into the MSA program have enrollment priority in the classes so keep in mind that you may be administratively dropped from class(es) to make room for MSA candidates.