The student and the department graduate program coordinator will design each degree program. Students seeking a Master of Science in Accounting must comply with all general university requirements as outlined in the Graduate Catalog under which they are admitted. Students admitted prior to the current catalog may switch to a more recent version if desired.

Degree Requirements

  • A minimum of 18 credits of 700-level Accounting courses.
  • A maximum of 12 credits (at the 600 or 700 level) may be taken outside of Accounting, but must be from the approved electives list.

Course Requirements

Total Credits Required: 30

Accounting Courses – Credits: 15
Complete five 700-level Accounting (ACC) courses.
Elective Courses – Credits: 12
Complete four graduate level Accounting or Non-Accounting elective courses from approved list.
Capstone Course – Credits: 3
Select one of the following courses based on the area of the accounting profession you wish to pursue:
  • ACC 701 – Federal Tax Topics
  • ACC 706 – Auditing Theory and Applications
  • ACC 715 – Advanced Management Accounting

Satisfaction of the 18 credits of coursework.

Course Number Course Title Prerequisite Notes
ACC 701 Federal Tax Topics 410/610 Capstone Option Recommended for CPA
ACC 702 Financial Reporting Topics 402/602 Recommended for CPA
ACC 703 Issues in Federal Taxation 410/610  
ACC 705 Research Methodology in Federal Tax 410/610  
ACC 706 Auditing Theory and Applications 470/670  
ACC 709 Systems Theory and Applications 409/609  
ACC 715 Advanced Management Accounting   Capstone Option Online & Summer Only
ACC 725 Mergers and Acquisitions 401/601 Recommended for CPA
ACC 745 Taxation of Partnerships 410/610 Fall Only
ACC 774 Law of Accountants II   Recommended for CPA
ACC 775R Research Seminar in Accounting    
ACC 781 Accounting Internship   Approval Required
ACC 789 Seminar in Accounting (CPA preparation)  

Approval Required.

May be repeated for an additional 3 credits, if you pass the first section of the CPA exam you study for.

ACC 790 Independent Study in Accounting   Approval Required
ACC 791 Professional Paper   Approval Required
ACC 605 Cost Management    
ACC 606 Auditing in the Gaming Industry 400/600  
ACC 612 Fraud Examination 409/609  
ACC 620 Internal Audit 401/601  

Note: 600 level courses can only be included as part of the program if you did not take the equivalent course as an undergraduate.

Program Modifications

The Graduate Coordinator must approve exceptions or modifications of above program and requirements.