Minimum GPA


Admission Policies

To be admitted to the Lee Business School as an accounting major, students must have:

  • a minimum UNLV GPA of 2.75
  • earned 55 credits or be enrolled in courses toward earning 55 credits
  • earned a minimum C (2.0) grade in nine pre-major requirements. See the Admission to the Major application for details.

All accounting students admitted into the major are required to complete a competency exam and earn a minimum B- in ACC 201 and ACC 202 prior to enrolling in ACC 400. If you have already competed ACC 201 and 202 at another institution, see the Undergraduate Advising Center.

Contact the Lee Business School Undergraduate Advising Center for further details.

To apply to UNLV, follow the steps on the university’s admissions page. You’ll find information for freshmen, transfer students, and international students.


The Master of Science in Accounting (MSA) program is designed to provide professional preparation for students wishing to pursue careers or advancement in all areas of accounting. Students are admitted fall, spring and summer semesters and can pursue either a full-time or part-time course of study. Students do not need to have an undergraduate degree in accounting or business to be admitted to the MSA program, but may need additional coursework as part of their program to complete the degree.

Pursuing a career in accounting can provide a lifetime of professional opportunities. We encourage you to learn more about the program.

Get more information about being admitted to the Master of Science in Accounting program.