Kelly W Bryant II

March 8, 2023
Kelly W. Bryant II, '23 BA Criminal Justice, is a private detective and international economist. He enjoys woodworking, drone photography, physical exercise, and flight simulation.

Marvin Deitz

March 8, 2023
Marvin Deitz, MS, Ph.D., '90 BS Hotel Administration, is a managing partner for Dutch company, 2DAYSMOOD. The company's technology measures employees moods in 15 seconds, delivering real-time data. Deitz has also been an international adjunct professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology for 13 years, where he teaches Customer Centricity in Dubai and Croatia. Deitz is the author of a book titled Modern Day Super-Hero, a novel based on his life and written for young adults. The story is about gaining inner super-powers from therapy and is designed to change the stigma of going to therapy by making it seem cool and exciting. Deitz is married and has a 13 year old who is very active in sports and wants to play baseball for the Rebels. As a family, they love to cook and ski. His hobbies are Taekwondo, softball, and sailing. His personal quote is, “Love thyself!...The secret to a happy life is about getting some help to gain those inner super-powers of belief in yourself and this power can change the world for the good.”

Juan Martinez

March 8, 2023
Juan Martinez, '11 Ph.D. English, is an associate professor at Northwestern University. Martinez has a new book out titled, Extended Stay. Haunting and visceral, Extended Stay uses the language of body horror and the gothic to comment on the complicated relationship between the Latinx undocumented experience and capitalism, the erasure of those living and working on the margins, the heavy toll exacted by memory, and the queasy permeability of boundaries that separate the waking world from the world of dreams. The book has been featured on several book lists, including Book Riot.

Leanne Linsky

March 8, 2023
Leanne Linsky, '92 BS Business Administration, is a comedian turned entrepreneur that has begun onboarding comedians on Plauzzable, an all-inclusive online LIVE comedy platform designed for comedians and their fan. Two days after the launch of the new platform, comedian Matt Baca, whose television credits include NBC, ABC, and FOX, performed Plauzzable’s first official show – a corporate show for the remote work team at Ardius. Plauzzable provides an online comedian directory, show schedule, and audience engagement tools, a unique video layout so performers and fans can see each other, and audio that allows fans to laugh out loud without muting the comedian. Fans can select comedians and shows based on type (clean, club, blue, etc.) and by topics (relationship, wordplay, observational, etc.). Comedians have the tools to host other comedians on their shows and do crowd work. After each performance, comedians receive analytics and helpful feedback from audience members.  

Sydney Roberson

March 7, 2023
Sydney Roberson, '20 BS Hotel Administration, works as an emergency management liaison.

McKenna King

March 7, 2023
McKenna King, '18 BA History, is an associate buyer and merchandising coordinator at the University of Colorado-Boulder bookstore. King enjoys reading the classics, paddle boarding, fishing, and finding new restaurants around the city.


March 7, 2023
Jonathan Daniels, '03 MBA, obtained a master's degree in architecture from LSU and currently runs his own property development and architectural design firm in Newcastle, England, where he lives with his wife and three daughters.

Duane Hutchings

March 7, 2023
Duane Hutchings, '89 BS Business Administration, is a business owner of Insurance and Commercial Real Estate. Hutchings is a father of four and husband of Isabel. He enjoys fishing, golf, and is a classic car enthusiast.

Nicole Hightower

March 7, 2023
Nicole Hightower, '07 BS Kinesiology, is currently an associate psychology instructor teaching at three different colleges/universities. Hightower has been a professor for almost 10 years and teaches several different disciplines. Some of the courses that she teaches include psychology, kinesiology, philosophy, and first-year seminar. She also recently became a specialist in mindfulness and well-being, which has motivated her to pursue a second doctoral degree in clinical psychology with an emphasis on cognitive neuroscience. Hightower is interested in researching the roots of behavior and developing a theory that lines up with today's society. After graduating from UNLV, she moved to pursue graduate degrees ('10 MA Psychology, '14 Ed.D. Educational Leadership, and '25 Psy.D. clinical psychology candidate) and is currently living in Huntington Beach, Calif., with her husband of 30 years and their three amazing children. Living in California has allowed for many personal and career opportunities; however, Hightower will always be grateful for the education gained from UNLV. The university laid the educational foundation and sparked her motivation for living a life that is dedicated to education.  She likes to spend her free time walking on the beach, bike riding, exercising, yoga, cross fit, and incorporating mindfulness in everything she does. Hightower believes that she's living her best life as she has developed an amazing balance between family life, work, and time for herself. 

Vicki Van Beveren

March 7, 2023
Vicki Van Beveren, '02 BS Education and '10 M.Ed., is in her twentieth year of teaching for the Clark County School District. She is a mother of four and grandmother of 12. Van Beveren loves her teaching career and spending her days with her second-grade class. She also loves traveling across the U.S. to visit Major League Baseball parks with her husband.

Ian Zabarte

March 6, 2023
Ian Zabarte, '01 BA Communication Studies, was cast in the documentary film DownwindThe documentary explores the legacy of nuclear testing on the American West and those whose lives were impacted by radioactive fallout. Zabarte is a Principal Man of the Western Bands of the Shoshone Nation of Indians. His passions include protecting the land, air, and water for future generations.

Brad (Carson) Weiss

February 22, 2023
Brad (Carson) Weiss, '00 MA Communication Studies, is the operations manager/brand manager for 92.9 FM ESPN/Audacy-Memphis Sports. While at UNLV, Weiss (aka Brad Kelly) was on staff at KMXB, Mix 94.1. He resides in Germantown, Tenn., with his wife Stacy and 14-year-old son Jake.