Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

TES® the Transfer Evaluation System from College Source is the premier interactive database which empowers users to quickly locate course descriptions; route and track the evaluation process; store, manage, group, and publicize the resulting equivalencies.

If you feel that you should have training for this system, or have any questions or issues, please contact the TES administrator Pedro Jule at to find out what type of training is needed.

You must go through training in order to get a login and password. If you already have a login and password, go to the TES system.

Transferology Lab

The Transferology Lab works hand in hand with TES to facilitate the transparency and efficiency of the transfer course evaluation process. Academic Advisors will use Transferology Lab to track the progress of courses that are under review, and to see whether a course a student is taking at another institution is equivalent to a course at UNLV. Request a Lab Account to get started.

International Transfer Credit Process

Advising staff may request consideration of international credit on behalf of a student by submitting the International Transfer Course Evaluation form.

Non-traditional Credit

Non-traditional credit includes, but is not limited to credit by exam and military service. The maximum number of credits that may be applied toward a UNLV degree from these programs is 60.

Note: Non-traditional and prior learning credit do not meet the graduation requirement satisfying earned credit from a 4 year institution.