Students who have attended a college or university outside of the U.S. may be eligible for undergraduate transfer credit. A certified evaluation (course-by-course with GPA calculation) by a NACES member organization is used to determine their U.S. equivalency. The Transfer Articulation Unit uses the courses determined by this NACES evaluation for the initial review of transfer credits.

The following steps will guide you to initiate an evaluation request for International coursework.

Step 1

Open International Transfer Course Evaluation Form. This section is to be completed by Advisor:

  1. Provide Name of Transfer School
  2. Student’s Full Name and NSHE ID
  3. Fill out Transfer Course Information Box and include
    • Incoming Course Prefix and Number
    • Course Title
    • Units Taken
  4. Provide proposed UNLV equivalent or General Education designation

Step 2

Attach this form along with any support documents (e.g. course syllabus, textbook information, etc) via email, and forward to the appropriate Department Evaluator for review.

Step 3

To be completed by Department Evaluator.

  • Department Evaluator will approve or deny request based on provided supporting documents.

Step 4

Evaluator Actions.

  1. Department Evaluator will email copy of signed form to
  2. The subject line of the email must say “International TCE
    • Any deviation from the stated title may cause delays in processing.
  3. The Transfer Articulation Unit will process the request.
  4. A confirmation email will be sent to the Advisor when the request is completed.
"New Message" window on an Email

Important Notes

  • Only use this form for International requests. For domestic schools, use TES
  • All approved equivalencies will be applied on a student-only basis and will not be applied to any other students with the same coursework
  • One course per form
  • Be mindful that the incoming course must have 66% or more of required credits to satisfy a UNLV course equivalency or meet a General Education designation