Delivery, Taxes, and Insurance


Deliveries are to be made to the Receiving Department unless otherwise designated on the purchase order.

All inbound package shipments to UNLV must be shipped via FedEx Ground® COLLECT or FedEx Freight COLLECT. No billing account number is entered when shipping with FedEx Ground COLLECT. For instructions, view the FedEx shipping guidelines.

Any bid submitted with alternate shipping terms other than stated above may be cause for disqualification of the bid.


As a state entity, UNLV is exempt from federal, state, and local taxes.


Certificates of Insurance will be required by UNLV from the contractor’s current insurance company for all lines of insurance for construction, service contracts, or work done on behalf of NSHE. The contractor’s insurance broker can provide the certificate. All vendors performing on-campus services must have their insurance on file in the purchasing office prior to performing any work for the university. Insurance must be up to date and in accordance with university requirements.