To advance UNLV’s Top Tier initiatives through support, service, and infrastructure excellence.


Service and stewardship are our core values. We work together to provide quality service within the framework of stewardship.

We responsibly plan and manage the university’s physical and financial resources.

Service Standards

Business Affairs employees follow defined service standards to guide interactions with colleagues and campus customers. Regardless of role, everyone in Business Affairs is responsible to live the below culture standards:

  • Collaborate: We collaborate with experts and freely share non-confidential information that helps us and our teams perform with excellence. We collaborate with areas we affect including both internal and external stakeholders. We communicate with transparency.
  • Acknowledge: We acknowledge others, by name when possible, with a greeting, smile, and respectful eye contact. We acknowledge – recognize – the interdependence of our work in Business Affairs.
  • Respect: Every job, every person is important. We appreciate and treat our colleagues and customers with respect, modeling the “platinum rule”: treat others as they would like to be treated. We are experts in our fields who serve experts in their fields.
  • Empower: We are empowered to solve problems in service to our stakeholders. We empower others to make decisions, expedite tasks, and create manager/employee coaching relationships.

Strategic Priorities

Business Affairs has identified five immediate priorities:

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: We will innovate to streamline business processes and be responsive service providers. We will protect, expand, and optimize our university’s financial resources and facilities.
  • Engagement and Outreach: We will reach out to the UNLV community and those doing business with the university to create a mutual understanding of their needs and our practices.
  • Communication: We will clearly and succinctly communicate policies; promptly inform appropriate audiences of changes in procedures; and provide multiple platforms for questions. We will provide channels for the campus and our vendors to provide feedback.
  • Staffing: We will recruit, retain, and develop employees to create a dynamic collaborative approach to our mission. We will offer professional development opportunities to enhance our employees’ skills and knowledge. We will nurture a superior work atmosphere that values diversity, demands integrity, and fosters respect.
  • High-quality facilities: We will harness the latest technology and procure equipment to create a positive work environment. We will acquire, construct, and maintain facilities to deliver quality customer-driven support services.