Cecilia Maldonado, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Provost, Workforce Development
Cecilia Maldonado
Office: FDH 531
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-895-3410

Leeann Fields, M.A.

Executive Director, Office of Educational Compliance
Leeann Fields
Office: FDH 529
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-895-1346

Gail Griffin, M.Ed.

Executive Director, University Accreditation and Academic Programs
Gail Griffin
Office: FDH 705
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-895-0482

Lindsay Couzens, Ph.D.

Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Effectiveness
Lindsay Couzens
Office: FDH 709
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-895-0407

Rex Suba, M.Ed., ATACP

Director, Office of Accessibility Resources
Rex Suba
Office: CBC-C 326-B
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-895-0250

Gregory Stephany, M.A.

Executive Director, International Programs
A man smiling.
Office: CBC-B 321
Mail Code: 6012
Phone: 702-895-2265

Michelle Chávez, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, Academic Assessment
Michelle Chavez
Office: FDH 505
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-895-1408

Nicole Hudson, Ed.D.

Executive Director of Workforce Education
woman wearing a black suit smiling
Office: MAB-1 106
Mail Code: 1038
Phone: 702-895-4577

Ashley Weckesser, M.B.A., M.S.

Executive Assistant
Ashley Weckesser
Office: FDH 706
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-895-1267

James H. Altman, Ph.D.

Accessibility Resources Support Technologist
James H. Altman
Office: CBC-C 326B
Mail Code: 1038
Phone: 702-895-3808

Marcedes Butler, Ed.D.

College Opportunity Learning Concierge
Marcedes Butler
Office: FDH 532
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-895-3824

Rhonda Groce, M.Ed.

Program Officer
Office: CBC-B 325D
Mail Code: 6012
Phone: 702-895-0350

Rosemary Le, B.A.

Academic Programs Analyst
Office: FDH 704
Mail Code: 1099
Phone: 702-895-1888

Kara Marinch, B.A.

Study Abroad Advisor
Office: CBC-B 325
Mail Code: 6012
Phone: 702-895-5506

Emily Stage B.A.

Administrative Assistant IV
A woman smiling.
Office: CBC-B 325
Phone: 702-895-0267