Space Standards

As UNLV continues to expand its teaching and research mission, it is increasingly important to establish standards for space use and space assignments on campus. The standards published here are based on benchmarking studies of peer institutions across the country and they have been approved by the Cabinet Implementation and Oversight Committee (CIOC) and the President's Cabinet.

The space standards listed on this page are targets and will likely not reflect the current allocation of space on the UNLV campus. These standards provide a course of direction for the university as it moves forward with new construction and renovation projects. This information will also be used for space modeling and programming as we assess the current and future needs of academic units at UNLV.

Standards for the different types of space use will be added as they are established and approved.

  • 110 - Classrooms
  • 210 - Teaching Laboratories
  • 220 - Open Laboratories
  • 250 - Research Laboratories
  • 300 - Office and Conference Facilities
  • 400 - Library and Study Facilities
  • 500 - Special Use Facilities
  • 600 - General Use Facilities
  • 700 - Support Facilities
  • 800 - Health Care Facilities
  • 900 - Residential Facilities