Space Policy & Procedure


The Space Committee serves as an advisory committee to the Executive Vice President and Provost and makes recommendations on the best use of campus facilities and space to attain the mission and goals of the university. The committee oversees major facility projects on the UNLV campus as they relate to changes in the assignment of space, how the space is used, or modifications that will alter the current use or occupancy of the area. All UNLV facilities, whether owned or leased, are assigned and their use monitored by the Space Committee. These facilities are subject to reassignment by the committee in order to best serve the needs of the university. The committee meets on the first and third Tuesday of each month with more frequent meetings as required.

Space Committee members and the units they represent include:

  • Jennifer McCarthy (chair), Space Management
  • Dr. Javier Rodriguez, VP for Academic Affairs
  • David Frommer, Planning & Construction
  • Doug McLean, Facilities Management
  • David Hatchett, VP for Research
  • Jennifer Bonilla, Enrollment and Student Services
  • Ryan Henson, VP for Student Life
  • Eric Knight, VP for Research
  • Paul Trinidad, VP for Information Technology
  • Neil Opfer, Faculty Senate
  • Erik Schwarz, Intercollegiate Athletics

The Space Request Process

Space requests include new space, reclassification of current space, and major renovations to an existing space. Requests must come from a Dean or Vice President and include all that apply below:

  • A detailed description of the project or request.
  • Detailed space requirements, occupants, power, data, fume hood, etc (ie 2 offices for full-time staff, 1 office for a Director, 2 workstations for 5 students/GA's, etc).
  • If this space is for a new hire, was this space need included in the hiring request?
  • Location requirements/preferences. Please explain if the project, activity or service function must be located in a specific building/area.
  • When is the space needed?
  • Where the project is currently located and why it needs to move, change classification, or renovations?
  • What options have been considered within the Division and Departments current allocated space? Explain in detail why these are not suitable for this request.
  • What will happen to the current space?
  • If renovations and/or furniture are needed, how will this be funded?
  • Are you available to meet with the committee?
  • Any additional information that is applicable to the request.

Detailed requests should be emailed to Jennifer McCarthy by the 15th of the month to be included on the next months agenda. Requests with missing information will be returned to requestor and not considered until all details are provided.

The Committee will review the requests and either ask for more information or send a recommendation to the Vice Provost Academic Affairs and the Executive Vice President & Provost for final approval.