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Faculty and Staff Professional Development

Promoting faculty and staff success through professional development, leadership, and capacity building.

The Provost’s office seeks to facilitate the professional development and career success of our faculty and staff. We have invested in an array of programs and resources designed to help the members of our campus community excel in their positions and grow as higher education professionals.

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UNLV Leadership Experience

The UNLV Leadership Experience is an initiative designed to help emerging leaders expand their knowledge and skills while providing a glimpse into university administration. The program educates participants about the complex operations of a large research institution and introduces them to various leadership roles.

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Strategic Leadership Training Series

The Strategic Leadership Training Series consists of online professional development workshops for leaders at UNLV to expand their awareness of best practices across higher education. These informative and interactive workshops cover a wide range of topical issues, including student success, diversity and inclusion, and resource allocation.

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Academic Impressions

Academic Impressions (AI) All-Access Membership offers a comprehensive library of resources to learn best practices on a wide variety of topics in higher education and receive skills-based training for professional, leadership, and personal development. The online library features training, tools, and resources across a spectrum of learning domains to support different styles of learning.

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A leader in higher education consulting, EAB offers research, technology resources, strategic support, and other services to postsecondary institutions. Through the EAB website, UNLV faculty and staff can access a variety of research reports, white papers, webinars, and other materials on best practices in higher education, particularly in the areas of student success; recruitment and enrollment; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and higher education operations and strategy.

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Academic Analytics

Academic Analytics is a leading provider of academic business intelligence information to research universities across the nation. UNLV has licensed a suite of tools from Academic Analytics to strengthen our capacity to promote and support the research, scholarship, and creative work of our faculty members.

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The National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity (NCFDD) provides on-demand access to resources and support for success in academia. NCFDD offers professional development, training, and mentorship opportunities for faculty, post-docs, and graduate students, including tools for increasing research and writing productivity while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.