The General Education curriculum at UNLV is your student's door into the university and the knowledge needed to become an engaged, informed and productive member of the community. Our program consists of a well thought-out series of interrelated courses that provides rigorous and relevant academic content designed to allow students to move forward with their education and to enhance their ability to succeed.

The General Education courses are built around a set of common values called the University Undergraduate Learning Outcomes (UULOs). These are the basic tenets on which your student's education will be founded. They are: (1) Inquiry and Critical Thinking; (2) Communication both oral and written; (3) Global/Multicultural Knowledge and Awareness; (4) Citizenship and Ethics; and (5) Intellectual Breadth and Lifelong Learning.

Your student should see an advisor early and regularly to determine which General Education courses to take and when. The page shows the General Education requirements your student will fulfill.