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Jeremy Bowling, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor-in-Residence
Jeremy Bowling, Ph.D.
Office: WRI-A 218
Mail Code: 5029
Phone: 702-895-3757

David Damore, Ph.D.

David Damore
Office: GUA 2112
Mail Code: 3067
Phone: 702-895-0094

David Fott, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science
David Fott
Office: WRI-B 225
Mail Code: 5029
Phone: 702-895-5258

Rebecca Gill, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Rebecca Gill
Office: WRI-B 209
Mail Code: 5029
Phone: 702-895-2525

Tiffiany Howard, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
A woman smiling.
Office: WRI-B 208
Mail Code: 5029
Phone: 702-895-3354

Christian Jensen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Graduate Coordinator
Christian Jensen
Office: WRI-B 215
Mail Code: 5029
Phone: 702-895-1337

Nerses Kopalyan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor-in-Residence
Nerses Kopalyan
Office: WRI-A 216
Mail Code: 5029
Phone: 702-895-1498

Michele Kuenzi, Ph.D.

Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator
Michele Kuenzi
Office: WRI-B 211
Mail Code: 5029
Phone: 702-895-4693