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Patrol: Auto, Bicycle, Cart, Foot

Auto Patrol

Supervisor: Lt. Jeff Green (Day) & Lt. Richard Dohme (Night)

The goal of the 39-person force of commissioned police officers is to:

  • Minimize crime.
  • Serve the community.
  • Facilitate the flow of traffic through high-visibility patrols and proactive community policing.

All members of the patrol unit have full arrest powers and are certified by the state's Peace Officers' Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Commission. They are all trained in emergency response procedures, basic first aid, automatic external defibrillation (A.E.D.), and firearms proficiency. They are provided annual training to maintain and upgrade their skill levels.

Bicycle Patrol

Supervisor: Sgt. Ernie Castillo

Bicycle patrol is one of the oldest and most well-established components of our community policing efforts. The patrol unit allows university police officers the ability to easily communicate with campus pedestrians and access areas of the campus that are more difficult to reach by car.

Cart Patrol

Supervisor: Lt. Jeff Green (Day) & Lt. Richard Dohme (Night)

Police Services' officers utilize carts as an extension of foot and bicycle patrol in order to be as accessible as possible to students in need of assistance. During busy times on campus, such as when students are walking to class, patrolling in carts allows officers to maneuver more safely and provide a reassuring presence to the campus community. Police cart patrol enhances community policing efforts by making officers better available to interact with the students they serve.

Foot Patrol

Supervisor: Lt. Jeff Green (Day) & Lt. Richard Dohme (Night)

Police Services' officers pride themselves on being available to the campus community for assistance when needed. With community policing at the core of the UNLV Police mission, our officers utilize foot patrol as a way to deter crime, make themselves better available to assist when needed, and enhance feelings of public safety.

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