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Serving the UNLV Community

Committed to protecting and serving the campus community 24 hours a day, Police Services maintains the UNLV RebelSAFE Alert system, and offers a variety of services to the campus community.


In 1965, Nevada Revised Statute 396.325 became law, giving our Board of Regents the authority to create a police department for the Nevada university system. On June 11, 1965, the Board of Regents created the University of Nevada Police. Since that time, university police officers have served the UNLV community. In 1972, the Board of Regents founded an independent police department for UNLV.

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RebelSafe Mobile App

RebelSAFE is an essential tool to enhance your safety at UNLV. The app will send you important safety alerts and provide instant access to campus safety resources. RebelSAFE is the official mobile safety app of UNLV.