University Police Services, Southern Command was designated as a Regional De-Escalation Training Program by the United States Department of Justice, responsible for police de-escalation training throughout Nevada, California, Idaho, Hawaii, Utah, Washington, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oregon. This designation puts the College of Southern Nevada (CSN), Nevada State College (NSC), and University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) on the national stage for sensible police reform and on the cutting edge of policing.

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A trainer will be acquired to provide the class curriculum and initial round of DOJ certified “Train the Trainer“ training to a cadre of instructors. These instructors will conduct 8-hour De-escalation training classes composed of 20-30 law enforcement students per session.

The end-user class curriculum will include subjects such as current law relating to use of force, initial call assessment, pre-contact intelligence, communication strategies, self-awareness, duty to intervene and report, reverence for human life, and techniques for controlling an environment.

Agencies interested in this “DOJ certified” free training should contact Robert Nevarez, Training
Coordinator for the Western Region at 702-957-2391 or

Meet our Training Coordinator

Robert Nevarez

De-escalation Training Coordinator, Western U.S.
Robert Nevarez
Robert Nevarez is the Police De-Escalation Training Coordinator for the Western United States. He was Delano Chief of Police from July 2018 - July 2021 where he helped lower crime for three consecutive years while building a strong bond of trust with the community. This resulted in a joint resolution from the California State Legislature for his accomplishments. Previously,…