All first-year students must submit official placement information prior to attending New Student Orientation. Your academic advisor will enroll you into the appropriate classes based on your major and your official placement information received by the Office of Admissions. You’ll receive your fall semester class schedule when you attend orientation. 

Need Help? Contact your Admissions Counselor.


Submit Your Placement Information

Official ACT/SAT test scores and/or college-level coursework can be used for placement into UNLV English and math courses. Submit official placement information as soon as possible. If you do not have ACT/SAT scores or college-level English and math credits, you’ll need to complete the UNLV English and math assessments. 

Test Score Submission

Official Test Score Submission

Electronic Options
  • Request testing agency to send your official score report using the following codes:
    • ACT: 2496
    • SAT and/or AP Exam Results: 4861
  • Email a copy of your official score report to:

College-Level Coursework Submission

  • Nevada Colleges (NSHE): Request to have your official transcript sent electronically to UNLV from the NSHE college(s) where you earned credit.
  • Non-Nevada Colleges: Request to have your transcript electronically sent through a secure email method to:
  • In-Progress Courses: If you are currently attending courses, email an unofficial transcript to:


Only use this option if electronic submission is not available. Official transcripts and test scores must be in a sealed envelope from the issuing institution or testing agency and mailed to the following address:

UNLV Office of Admissions
4505 S. Maryland Pkwy.
Box 451021
Las Vegas, NV 89154-1021

UNLV Placement Assessments

UNLV provides options for students who do not have placement information or may want to improve their placement. These assessments are offered free of charge for incoming students.

English Placement Assessment

The UNLV English Placement Assessment allows students to demonstrate their preparation for ENG 101 by submitting a reflective self-assessment letter online through WebCampus. Students will also have access to detailed information about the curriculum for ENG 101 and the instructions for submitting the assessment letter in the English Placement Assessment module in Webcampus.

Learn more about the UNLV English Assessment

ALEKS Math Placement Assessment

ALEKS is a powerful online assessment tool that focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of a student's mathematical knowledge. It is used to help improve math skills and course placement options. The assessment reports its findings to the student. It then provides the student with access to customized instructional learning modules for bringing this knowledge up to an appropriate level for better course placement.

ALEKS provides self-paced learning opportunities that students can work on over the summer and offers an opportunity to retake the placement assessment up to two additional times to improve math placement. This assessment is offered free of charge while funds last.

Learn more about ALEKS Math Placement

UNLV Placement Tables


Most students place into classes based on standardized test scores, as shown in the chart below. Placement is based on the highest official score for any of the tests.

UNLV English Course ACT English Score SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Score AP Composition Exams UNLV English Placement Assessment

ENG Co-Req

1 – 17 200 - 470 5 – 8

ENG 101

18 – 29 480 - 650 9 – 11

ENG 102

30 – 36 660 - 800 3 – 5 12


Each UNLV major requires a specific math course. Review your degree requirements to understand the math course required for your major. If you have questions, please contact your Academic Advisor.

UNLV Math Course ACT Math Score SAT Math Score AP Calculus AB/BC Exam *ALEKS Score
(UNLV's math placement option)
Co-Req Math 120/124
5 credits
Co-Req Math 126
5 credits
MATH 120
3 Credits
20 510 30
MATH 124
3 Credits
22 530 46 - 60
MATH 126
3 Credits
23 550 61 - 75
MATH 127 25 580 61 - 75 & 41 + TRIG
MATH 128 25 580 61 - 75 & 41 + TRIG
MATH 132 24 580 61 - 75
MATH 181 28 650 3 – 5 76 - 100

*Please note that the ALEKS scores listed on the tables above are the same as the percentage you see when you complete ALEKS. Example: 61% = 61

Math Bridge Program

If you did not take the ACT, SAT, or ALEKS placement assessment or your score places you into a math course lower than you expected (i.e., co-requisite math course – 5 cr.), you can participate in the Math Bridge Program. This is a free online program designed to help students gain the skills and confidence needed for success in college-level mathematics to improve their placement scores using ALEKS. The program combines online learning through customized modules with instruction from expert math instructors and peer tutors to better understand core math concepts and overcome math anxiety.

In addition to math instruction and skill development, students are introduced to various campus resources and peers to help build a strong foundation for success at UNLV. Our Math Bridge team works to help students develop a growth mindset and reach their goals as they navigate a five- or eight-week program. Currently, all Math Bridge sessions are conducted during summer sessions for eligible students. Students will take an ALEKS assessment before beginning the Math Bridge Program and again after the program.