Alona Angosta

"I selected UNLV because I felt welcomed."

-Alona Angosta, Ph.D., APRN, FNP, NP-C, FAAN, '94, '00, Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship, full professor with tenure, Baylor University (Dallas campus)

Nikule Abel

"Once you meet the faculty at UNLV, they're so inspiring, and they just push you."

-Nikule Abel, UNLV School of Nursing, BSN, '21

Ann C. Sims-Columbia

"I proudly display my Diploma from UNLV and cannot imagine a more rewarding career as a Nurse."

-Ann C. Sims-Columbia, BSN/MBA/MHA, ‘97 - Colonel, United States Army

Nicholas Dirasian

"As far as nursing, I wanted to be out here and UNLV just being the school that it is. I think it’s the best program in the area. It seems like it’s always expanding, always getting better."

-Nicholas Dirasian, UNLV School of Nursing, BSN, '21

Paul Smith, Dean and Professor

"UNLV sets you up for success."

-Paul Smith, PhD, CNE, '16, UNLV School of Nursing PhD Program Graduate, Dean, and Professor for School of Nursing at Linfield College.

Bonnie L. Stolzman

"UNLV was hands down where I wanted to go, because I wanted that quality and to say I was a part of the educational system where I lived, worked and where I was hiring students from. That way I can say, 'This is my alma mater,' and I can also help support people going to UNLV in the future."

-Bonnie L. Stolzman, DNP, MBA, MSN, RN, '21, Desert View Hospital | Chief Nursing Officer

Tomas Walker

"It is no false statement to say that I would not be where I am today if [Associate Professor in Residence] Susan VanBeuge and Dean Yucha (2004-2018) had not given me a swift push and told me to get [my DNP Project] done."

-Tomas Walker, DNP, CDCES, '12, UNLV School of Nursing DNP Program Graduate and Vice President of Global Clinical Initiatives.

Robert J. Vadovic, DNP, '13

"My time at UNLV were both exciting and rewarding. The DNP program allowed me to break the barriers of clinical practice and open me to a world of possibilities. Completing the program taught me the value of evidence based practice but also created a drive and understanding for nursing leadership and being a role model for other nurses and nurse practitioners."

-Robert J. Vadovic, RN, DNP, APN-c, '13, Medical Director for Advanced Practice Providers and High Risk, Program Director APP Fellowship at Intermountain Healthcare