Split photo with vintage photo of nurses on the left, modern nurses on the right


Summer 1965

  • Elizabeth Franklin Dick became the first Director of the Program.

Fall 1965

  • Associate of Arts degree program admitted the first class of students. Program was administered by the University Extension Program of the University of Nevada, Reno. A federal grant established a four-year Intercampus Television Project, allowing associate degree students from Southern Nevada to obtain a baccalaureate degree from the University of Nevada, and Reno-based students seeking an associate degree program to obtain as associate degree from Nevada Southern (later, UNLV)
  • Regina Schreiber Jacobson hired to establish Associate Degree Nursing Program, University of Nevada ( Reno), Southern Extension.

January 1966

  • Administrative control to Nevada Southern.

March 1966

  • Program became Nevada Southern University, College of General and Technical Studies, Nevada Technical Institute Dept. of Nursing.

Fall 1966

  • Margaret Simon became Director. Dwight Marshall, Dean of College.


  • Name changed to University of Nevada, Las Vegas, College of Allied Health, Department of Nursing.


  • MaryAnn Michel appointed Director.
  • Work begins on establishing a 4-­year Baccalaureate Program.
  • Telecommunication project was discontinued. A 2+2 (RN to BSN) program was approved for UNLV.


  • Career Ladder approved by Board of Regents.
  • Admitted first class of "upper-two" students.
  • Classes allowed the associate degree graduate to obtain a baccalaureate degree at UNLV.


  • Mary Ann Kedzuf (Michel) appointed Dean of the College of Allied Health.


  • Move from Frazer to Carlson Education Building.


  • Rosemary Witt was appointed Chair of the Department of Nursing.


  • Initial Accreditation of the Baccalaureate Degree Program.


  • Federal Grant to initiate a Graduate Program in Nursing.


  • First class of Graduate Students admitted. Program focused on Tertiary Nursing: Adult.


  • Graduate program expanded to include a focus on Secondary Nursing: Adult.


  • Permission granted from the Board of Regents to discontinue the associate degree program and initiate a basic baccalaureate degree program.


  • Continuing Accreditation for the Baccalaureate Program in Nursing.


  • Last class of associate degree students admitted.
  • First class of basic baccalaureate students admitted into the program.
  • Mary Ann (Kedzuf) Michel resigned.
  • Vicky Carwein appointed Dean.


  • Initial accreditation of the Graduate Degree Program.


  • First class in distance education based upper-two pathway of BSN program was offered to students in Elko, Nevada. Classes offered over compressed-video with simultaneous classes offered on campus and in Elko. Classes were offered on a part-time basis. Three cohorts of students graduated.


  • 2 + 2 classes admitted only in fall.


  • Courses offered in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program.


  • Continuing accreditation for the Baccalaureate and Masters Program.


  • Dean Carwein resigned. Carolyn Sabo named Interim Dean.


  • Current MSN programs modified to meet the Guidelines required for certification
    as a Clinical Nursing Specialist (CNS) pathway.
  • Carolyn Sabo appointed Dean of College of Health Science


  • Addition of PNP pathway to Nurse Practitioner Program.
  • Distance Education courses initiated at the graduate level.


  • Addition of Geriatric NP pathway to Nurse Practitioner Program. Addition of a 12 credit
    post-baccalaureate case management certificate program.


  • RN to BSN/MSN pathway approved. CNS program discontinued because CNS role
    was not being used by local health care employers.


  • Carolyn Sabo resigns as Dean, returns to teaching. Rosemary Witt named Interim Director.
    Nevada Legislative mandate to increase enrollment. Masters program, Education Track


  • Changes in baccalaureate program.


  • PhD program designed and approved. Department becomes a School of Nursing.
    Carolyn Yucha appointed as first Dean of the School of Nursing.
    First Master's Education Track students admitted.


  • Board of Regents approved two departments, Physiological Nursing and Psychosocial
    Nursing. Sally Miller and Lori Candela appointed as department chairpersons.
    First class of PhD students admitted.


  • Tish Smyer hired as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
    Barbara St. Pierre Schneider hired as Associate Dean for Research.


  • First Annual Health Sciences Interdisciplinary Research/Scholarship Day held.


  • First students graduated from PhD program


  • Clinical Simulation Center of Las Vegas (CSCLV) opened on UNLV’s Shadow Lane Campus (collaboration with Nevada State College and University of Nevada School of Medicine)


  • First students admitted to the Doctor of Nursing Program (collaboration with
    University of Nevada Reno)


  • Established Annual Dinner for Doctoral Students and Graduates


  • Developed standardized patient testing program for FNP students at the CSCLV
  • First students graduated from the Doctor of Nursing Program (collaboration with University of Nevada Reno)
  • School opens first Dedicated Education Unit at Summerlin Hospital and Medical Center


  • Dr. Jillian Inouye appointed as Associate Dean for Research


  • Online MS program first ranked in top 15 percent by US News & World Report
  • Established psychiatric standardized patient program for BSN students


  • School of Nursing celebrates 50 years
  • Addition of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Ph.D.
  • Dr. Rebecca Benfield appointed as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Mary Bondmass appointed as Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs


  • Started DNP program (independent from UNR) offering Advanced Practice and Academic Leadership tracks


  • Started Nurse Executive track in DNP program
  • Dr. Du Feng appointed as Interim Associate Dean for Research
  • School opens Dedicated Education Unit at University Medical Center


  • Dr. Angela Amar appointed as Dean


  • School hosts inaugural Nurse Camp


  • Dr. Steven J. Palazzo appointed Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Dr. Susan McLennon appointed Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
  • MSN and DNP Programs rank in Top 50 among best graduate nursing programs by U.S. News and World Report


  • Online MS Program ranked in Top 10 by U.S. News and World Report

Sources: Portions of this historical account were taken from "A History of the Associate Degree Nursing Program in Nevada, 1963-1983" an unpublished doctoral dissertation by Delores Middlebrook. The summarization and update was completed by Rosemary Witt, 8/93. Additions to the original from above by Maureen Matteson-Kane, 10/05 taken from:

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