Group of student in red U-N-L-V students.

New Student Orientation News

The New Student Orientation program provides new students with information, resources, tools, and tips to help with their transition to UNLV. The Office of Admissions is responsible for this programming.

Current New Student Orientation News

woman talking to two students around an outdoor table
Campus News | April 6, 2022

Karen Violanti and her team work to give first-year students support and confidence as they transition to college.

A student wearing glasses works on a computer with a notebook open
Campus News | April 6, 2021

Step 1: Don't panic. Step 2: Read these tips to complete verification.

A silhouette of a UNLV graduate.
Business and Community | May 12, 2020

UNLV’s associate vice president of enrollment and student services provides tips for high school seniors as they transition to college.