News: Division of Health Sciences

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Business and Community | April 15, 2014
Experts from UNLV and University of Nevada School of Medicine meet to discuss health disparities in Nevada.
Business and Community | March 21, 2014
UNLV nursing professors share their list of milestones that have affected nurses and improved health care in our state.
Campus News | March 11, 2014
University’s top ranked graduate/specialty programs include Boyd Law School’s legal writing program at No. 3, dispute resolution at No. 9.
Business and Community | February 12, 2014
UNLV professors weigh in on some of the state’s big battles and quiet victories in community health.
Campus News | October 30, 2013
Alumni Association announces recipients of its Alumni of the Year, Outstanding Faculty Awards. Fred Albrecht receives top honors.
People | September 9, 2013
Professor Du Feng comes from a long line of teachers, but as a child, swore she would never follow in her parents and grandparents footsteps. Now, teaching and research are her passions.
People | August 5, 2013
The psychiatric nurse practitioner discusses why she loves teaching students how to work with the mentally ill.
Research | July 23, 2013
Biostatistician Sheniz Moonie zeroes in on the factors that influence the health of Nevadans, particularly those with asthma.
Research | April 9, 2013
They won’t firm your bottom but they can help you get fit.
Campus News | February 25, 2013
Topol, cardiologist and professor of genomics at The Scripps Research Institute, will discuss how the digital revolution affects health care.
Research | October 17, 2012
Breast cancer survival in Nevada depends on whether you reside in the north or south.
People | September 13, 2012
Alumnus brings his expertise in exercise physiology back as a professor in the School of Allied Health Sciences. The avid runner talks about exercise, your immune system, and his own bad eating habits.