News: Division of Health Sciences

visitors look at Shakespeare’s First Folio
Campus News | January 3, 2017
A collection of news stories from 2016 highlighting UNLV's impact in Southern Nevada and beyond.
Paulo Pinheiro
Research | November 29, 2016
Survival rate stands nearly 5 percent below the national average for Southern Nevadans and is especially low for state's black and Filipina women.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Research | November 21, 2016
Breakthrough UNLV study shows major differences between the types of cancer and mortality rates of U.S.-born blacks versus those who emigrate from the Caribbean.
Yen Lu
Campus News | November 18, 2016
One of UNLV's oldest traditions — the Holiday Card Tree Scholarship — is spreading good wishes while raising funds for students like Yen Lu.
Merrill Landers works with balance testing equipment
Research | August 18, 2016
Physical activity can help protect us from Parkinson’s, researcher Merrill Landers says.
Kristen and Caitlyn Miller
People | August 15, 2016
The twins plan to throw themselves into the full college experience.
White board
Business and Community | July 6, 2016
Tackling community issues is fundamental to the UNLV School of Medicine as it prepares for its incoming class in 2017.
Jeremy Cope
Campus News | May 10, 2016
Advice from Jeremy Cope, School of Allied Health Sciences Alumnus of the Year
Jodi Tyson
Campus News | May 10, 2016
Advice from Jodi Tyson, School of Community Health Sciences Alumna of the Year
Carol Martin
Campus News | May 10, 2016
Advice from Carol Martin, School of Nursing Alumna of the Year
Casey Barber
People | April 19, 2016
UNLV undergraduate Casey Barber excels in academics, research, volunteerism, and leadership.
Mary Guinan, in traditional dress in an Afghan refugee camp
People | March 29, 2016
When her plans to become an astronaut did not pan out, Mary Guinan created an equally impressive legacy eradicating diseases and founding a school.