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Campus News | January 8, 2015
School's online master's degree program jumps four places from 2014 ranking; program ranked in top 20 each year since ranking began in 2012.
People | November 10, 2014
While the transition from the military to the classroom is easy for some veterans, others experience a culture shock. A few Rebel veterans share their stories.
Campus News | October 20, 2014
Nursing professor's research is tackling Clark County's high mortality rate due to sepsis. Join her University Forum presentation to learn about the types of immune cells involved in sepsis and discuss treatments to boost these immune cells.
People | September 19, 2014
The assistant professor of nursing says she wants to be the kind of professor who inspires young people to believe they can do anything.
Campus News | August 20, 2014
Students get enhanced clinical training through focused learning with staff nurses and lower instructor-to-student ratio. Partnership began at Summerlin Hospital in 2012, expands to Spring Valley Hospital this fall.
Campus News | August 8, 2014
A collection of recent news stories highlighting the people and programs of UNLV.
People | July 30, 2014
Asking questions and gathering information are the keys to success, according to Marni Montgomery-Blake, the President's Classified Staff Rookie of the Year
Business and Community | May 12, 2014
Although patients may stop in an emergency room or doctor's office for a medical issue, an underlying mental health need might be interfering with their wellbeing as well. The Nursing School retooled its curriculum to ensure all of its students are ready to treat such patients.
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Business and Community | April 15, 2014
Experts from UNLV and University of Nevada School of Medicine meet to discuss health disparities in Nevada.
Business and Community | March 21, 2014
UNLV nursing professors share their list of milestones that have affected nurses and improved health care in our state.
Campus News | March 11, 2014
University’s top ranked graduate/specialty programs include Boyd Law School’s legal writing program at No. 3, dispute resolution at No. 9.
Brad Donohue meets with students
Campus News | February 11, 2014
A collection of recent news stories highlighting the people and programs of UNLV.