Accomplishments: School of Nursing

June 28, 2019
June Cho and Jay Tan (both Nursing) recently were selected as fellows of the American Academy of Nursing (AAN) for their extensive contributions to the field and for advancing health policy and practice. They were among 231 distinguished nurse leaders selected for the 2019 class of AAN fellows, which is considered by many the highest honor in nursing. AAN fellows are nursing leaders in education, management, practice, and research. They represent executives, university presidents, chancellors,...
June 27, 2019
Susan S. VanBeuge (Nursing) and former School of Nursing faculty member Marcia Clevesy have been named the 2019 American Association of Nurse Practitioners Award winners for Nevada. This award recognizes outstanding achievements by nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner advocates in each state who demonstrate excellence in clinical practice.   
June 17, 2019
Rachell A. Ekroos (Nursing) and Sarah E. Shannon of Montana State University's College of Nursing are the authors of an article, "Forensic Medical Examinations: Imagining Justice," that has been selected as the Editor's Choice for the April/June issue of the Journal of Forensic Nursing. They explore the underlying assumptions that may contribute to disparate practices and inequalities in the provision of forensic medical examinations for persons suspected of committing a sexual offense and...
June 5, 2019
Rei Serafica and Nirmala Lekhak (both Nursing) and Tirth Bhatta (Sociology) co-authored an article, "Acculturation, Acculturative Stress and Resilience among Older Immigrants," in International Nursing Review. The aim of this study was to explore the interplay between acculturation, acculturative stress, and resilience, and their collective impact on physical and mental health self‐evaluation among older Filipino Americans.  
May 24, 2019
June Cho, Linda Anne Silvestri, and Rhigel "Jay" Tan (all Nursing) have been accepted as fellows in the American Academy of Nursing (AAN). They will be inducted in October. These new fellows have been acknowledged for their work enhancing the quality of health and nursing, promoting healthy aging and human development across the life continuum, reducing health disparities and inequalities, shaping healthy behaviors and environments, integrating mental and physical health, and strengthening the...
May 1, 2019
Rei Serafica and Andrew Reyes (both Nursing) recently published their manuscript, "Acculturative Stress as Experienced by Filipino Grandparents in America: A Qualitative Study" in Issues in Mental Health Nursing. The goal of the study was to describe the factors that contribute to acculturative stress among recent older immigrants who co-reside with their children in the U.S.  
April 25, 2019
Rei Serafica (Nursing) presented his latest research topic "Acculturative Stress among Older Filipino Immigrants in Nevada" at the Asian American Pacific Islander Nurses Association of Nevada State Conference in Baja, Mexico, earlier this month. 
April 17, 2019
Rei Serafica (Nursing), Paula Frew and Jose Melendrez (both Public Health) served as panelists in  Nevada Public Health Association Lunch and Learn Meeting: "Using A Health Equity Framework To Make System Level Changes" recently. The panelists highlighted the importance of addressing the underlying social determinants of health which are shaped and perpetuated by bias, injustice, and inequality. 
April 10, 2019
AJ Cook, Stephanie Bell, and Lauren Shipton (all Nursing) have been elected to positions on the Board of Directors of the National Student Nurses Association. Cook was selected vice president, while Bell was selected director-West, and Shipton was chosen for the Nominations and Elections Committee. These three students are the first from UNLV elected to a national office with this organization.  
April 8, 2019
Rei Serafica (Nursing) served as the guest editor for the special issue in Technology and Health among APIs in the Asian/Pacific Island Nursing (APIN) Journal. The journal offers a forum for empirical, theoretical, and methodological issues related to API ethnic, cultural values, and beliefs and biological and physiological phenomena that can affect nursing care. The peer-reviewed international journal is also indexed in Scopus and DOAJ.
April 4, 2019
Reimund Serafica (Nursing) is the lead author of the article “The Use of Social Media and mEMA Technology in Comparing Compliance Rate Among Users" in The Asian/Pacific Island Nursing Journal. Serafica co-published with Brendan Morris (Electrical and Computer Engineering). The article reports the results of two approaches to dietary monitoring using social media and mEMA technology and the lessons learned from the two studies for improving participant compliance. 
April 1, 2019
Nirmala Lekhak (Nursing) received the 2019 Gerontological Nursing Science Dissertation Award at Midwest Nursing Research Society 43rd Annual Research Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, in March.