In The News: Honors College

Las Vegas Review Journal
December 7, 2015

UNLV student Naweed Yusufzai stood blindfolded on a walkway at UNLV to promote acceptance, love, and trust for one another as a Muslim through hugs on Friday.

December 2, 2015

When we think about how cities grow and evolve, we often overlook a key to that growth: airports.

Las Vegas Review Journal
November 2, 2015

Before enrolling at UNLV, Daniel Waqar contemplated a list of faraway schools with far bigger price tags.

Las Vegas Review Journal
June 29, 2015
The Dawson-UNLV Honors College Bound Program hosted 38 high-achieving students who will be high school freshmen in the fall for a program June 17 and 18 that allowed them to experience working on high-tech equipment in the areas of robotics, drones, biomechanics, graphic design, library science and anthropology.
Las Vegas Review Journal
April 24, 2015
The siren call of an open seat is proving an allure to Nevada members of Congress who were not giving the U.S. Senate a second thought when incumbent Sen. Harry Reid was in line to run again.
Los Angeles Times
March 27, 2015
In a relatively small state, Harry Reid loomed terrifically large, so his decision to exit the U.S. Senate after 2016 opens a massive void that left members of both parties scrambling.
March 21, 2015
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