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With many degree offerings that are accredited by national organizations, the School of Integrated Health Sciences offers dynamic classroom instruction, laboratory/clinical practice, research, and mentoring. Our students develop skills that help them break into health-related fields and further their graduate or professional studies.

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News highlights starring UNLV students and faculty who made local and national headlines.

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Alzheimer’s treatment studies offer hope as UNLV expert predicts new potential drugs, biomarkers will yield critical insight for future development.

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Carmen Johnson’s self-determination and empathetic personality has led to an impressive increase in the food pantry's usage.

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UNLV Law School has 14 top 100 programs in publication’s 2024 rankings, including No. 2 ranking for legal writing; Physical Therapy cracks top 50.

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Professor Chih-Huang "Jeffrey" Yu says the new and unique method can make rehab a more effective experience for patients.

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A roundup of the top news stories featuring UNLV students and faculty.

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"Radioactive fallout" is the radioactive dust released by a nuclear explosion and is found in every corner of the world. Radioactive fallout from a nuclear bomb poses less of a long-term danger than that caused by a nuclear power plant accident. Radiation can occur when fallout falls directly on the skin, but it can also occur through other routes such as consuming contaminated food.


Janet Nevala has walked for exercise her whole life, but about 10 years ago she added a new element to her jaunts — walking backwards. "Every time I walk, I just do a little twirl and walk backwards for a bit, and I'll do it just a few times during my walk," said the 62-year-old nurse, who lives in Notre-Dame-du-Portage, Que.

AARP Washington State Podcast

In our new Caring For Caregivers Conversation, brain health expert Dr. Kate Zhong joins our state director Marguerite Ro to talk about advances in Alzheimers treatment and what you can do to protect your brain. Dr. Zhong is a geriatric psychiatrist and founder of the Brainnovation Initiative at UNLV.


Two new assessments of clinical trials pointed to the need for more investment in Alzheimer's disease treatments. At the 2024 American Geriatrics Societyopens in a new tab or window (AGS) scientific meeting, researchers evaluated Alzheimer's trials funded by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) over a 20-year period. Another analysis, published in Alzheimer's and Dementia: Translational Research and Clinical Interventionsopens in a new tab or window, provided a comprehensive look at active trials in the Alzheimer's drug pipeline.


Mice experiencing “social jet lag” developed characteristics similar to people with the same phenomenon, including significant weight gain, higher blood sugar levels and lower cardiovascular fitness. Results of the study by researchers at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas are published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. It has been chosen as an APSselect article for May.


In many ways, alcohol and sports go hand-in-hand: Marathon winners celebrate with an ice-cold drink at the finish line, pro teams partner with booze brands, and “beer league” amateur sports often live up to their name. But a shift may be underway, as a growing number of Americans are drinking less for health reasons, on the heels of a new wave of research about the impacts of even moderate drinking. In 2023, the World Health Organization contradicted a long-held belief: No, moderate alcohol consumption, like a glass of red wine at dinner, won’t increase your lifespan. Actually, any amount is actively bad for you.

Integrated Health Sciences Experts

A renowned expert on Alzheimer's Disease and other neurodegenerative disorders. 
An expert in neuroplasticity and post-stroke rehabilitation.
An expert in sports medicine.
An expert on the use of lasers in diagnosing and treating brain tumors.
An expert in wound care and pressure injuries.
An expert in behavioral neuroscience with concentrations in Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia.

Recent Integrated Health Sciences Accomplishments

The Department of Brain Health and the Office of Economic Development hosted the inaugural UNLV Innovation Day, an annual event that brought together UNLV researchers and industry professionals to discuss the growth and understanding of brain health, mental health, and the innovation brought together through science and experimentation. The…
Kyle Wilson (Athletic Training) along with alumni Yvonne Tapia and Ulises Sanchez-Flores (both Kinesiology and Nutrition Science) spoke on “Athletic Trainers in the Industrial Setting” at the 2024 Far West Athletic Trainers Association Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium. Tapia is also part-time instructor at UNLV.
Haven Searcy (Health Physics and Diagnostic Sciences) won the Junior Investigator Award and gave a presentation at the 31st Annual Meeting of the Council on Ionizing Radiation Measurements & Standards (CIRMS 2024). His submitted essay is titled "No nuclear fallout radioactivity was found on public zones around the Nevada National Security…
The Nevada Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics held the annual meeting on the UNLV campus on April 27. Two UNLV students, Kristine Wilson and Christopher Acosta (both Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences) were recognized for state-level awards. Wilson was named the Outstanding Dietetics Student - Dietetic Internship Program, and Acosta was named…
Arpita Basu (Kinesiology & Nutrition Sciences), Leigh Ann Richardson and Lung-Chang Chien (both Epidemiology & Biostatistics) published the research paper Longitudinal associations of the alternative healthy eating index with coronary artery calcification and pericardial adiposity in US adults with and without type 1 diabetes in the…
Graham McGinnis and his former doctoral student, Michael Dial (both in Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences), published a research article in the Journal of Applied Physiology titled, "Social jet lag impairs exercise volume and attenuates physiological and metabolic adaptations to voluntary exercise training." This work highlights how…