News: Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences

T-shirt that says U.N.L.V. Honrs Rebellion
People | April 6, 2015
Honors College students hit it hard to prepare for a big test: a grueling obstacle course. Along the way, they learn more than they thought possible.
Janet Dufek
Research | February 23, 2015
Kids fall all the time, but bouncing back can be trickier when it happens in a hospital. Thanks to an internal grant, UNLV professor Janet Dufek has been able to collaborate with a leading children's hospital to tackle the issue.
Kai-Yu Ho
Research | February 19, 2015
The human knee takes a continual pounding. UNLV's Kai-Yu Ho's latest research is identifying how such "shock-loading" stress contributes to arthritis.
People | November 17, 2014
This new professor is a heavy lifter in terms of neurophysiology research and Olympic-style competition.
People | August 19, 2014
Declaring a major is a really tough decision for many new students. Here's some advice from one UNLV professor who had a tough time making that choice herself.
Business and Community | June 26, 2014
From family fun activities to health and legal workshops, UNLV offers a number of free resources to the community.
Research | April 9, 2013
They won’t firm your bottom but they can help you get fit.
People | September 13, 2012
Alumnus brings his expertise in exercise physiology back as a professor in the School of Allied Health Sciences. The avid runner talks about exercise, your immune system, and his own bad eating habits.
Student working out at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.
Athletics | July 11, 2012
To perform like an Olympian, you have to think like one. Kinesiology professor Gabriele Wulf explains how to change your thoughts to boost your results.
Campus News | May 9, 2012
Nine students, including a mother of two who after years of working as a dental hygienist received her dental degree and became class valedictorian, are being honored as spring 2012 Outstanding Graduates.
People | April 13, 2012
UNLV employees recently were honored at the 2012 Academic Recognition Ceremony with systemwide and universitywide awards for notable research, teaching, and service.
A park
Research | March 16, 2012
Program managers in Clark County can better use free and easily accessible parks for healthy living initiatives.