In The News: Couple and Family Therapy Program

The List
January 26, 2023

When it comes to love and romance, "compatibility" is something of a buzzword. Millennial and Gen-Z singles are known to search for compatibility via their partner's astrological signs), while personality tests promise they'll find out whether or not you're a match with someone. Furthermore, many couples end up breaking up because they're just not compatible with each other.

January 17, 2023

Sex is not just something many of us like to do whenever we have the time and inclination. The act is the sole reason we're all here. The vast majority of animals (but not all) have sex to procreate. Let's explore this reproductive phenomenon, sometimes referred to as intercourse, coitus or copulation.

Refinery 29
January 11, 2023

Where’s the line? And how far can, or should, we go in an argument? Is there a line that simply shouldn’t be crossed? Words that shouldn’t be said? Emotional grenades that shouldn't be thrown?

January 9, 2023

A woman whose fiancé is 21 years her senior has revealed he is often mistaken for her dad.

Independent Online
January 4, 2023

Three weeks after their child was born, 28-year-old Tshepho Dlamini took his wife Lerato out to supper. For the first time since they were together, he felt like he was dining alone.

Refinery 29
December 20, 2022

"I worry that I’ll be single forever," says Laura*, bluntly. "I’ve never known what it’s like to see myself long-term with someone. To be like, 'Yes! I want to be with this person and they want to be with me'." 

November 14, 2022

Dear Newsweek, About a year and a half ago, my son got involved with a girl he met at his job. He was only 18 and had four credits left to get in his senior year of high school before graduation. About a month before school was due to start back, he came to me and told me that his girlfriend had to move out of her sister's house, and if she couldn't find a place around us, he would move to another town about 45 minutes away.

Las Vegas Sun
November 2, 2022

Your elementary school-aged child is scrolling through YouTube when they are suddenly hit with a political advertisement.

Las Vegas Sun
November 2, 2022

Your elementary school-aged child is scrolling through YouTube when they are suddenly hit with a political advertisement.

Her Campus
October 18, 2022

According to Katherine Hertlein, who is a couple therapist, reasonable levels of public displays of affection between couples can strengthen relationships and intimacy levels.

October 12, 2022

All couples have conflicts. For some people, battles are about money ; for others, due to a lack of sexual life or a pattern of constant arguments. And the coronavirus pandemic has added another potential stressor: more time at home together, which can exacerbate tensions or expose hidden cracks in a relationship.

October 4, 2022

In this day in age, we typically know the political stance of someone that we're seeing pretty early on — online dating makes sure of it. But if we happen to meet someone out and about who we just "click" with, this topic might not come up until later, as, in the beginning, you're lost in the honeymoon phase. Oftentimes, if we're getting along with someone that well, it's more than likely that the two of you will have coinciding political views. But for some of us, we might have a conversation with our partner that leaves us asking, "You're a member of the what party?!"