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The Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies offers an innovative and integrated approach to research and study of today’s dynamic news, marketing, public relations, and social media in traditional and digital environments. Our curriculum provides a comprehensive education that blends classroom learning with practical experiences.

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Campus News |

News highlights starring UNLV students and faculty who made local and national headlines.

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Arts and Culture |

Photography, research, and community come together to tell a story of Las Vegas’ nonstop economy in Nevada Humanities exhibition.

Spring Flowers (Becca Schwartz)
Campus News |

A roundup of the top news stories featuring UNLV students and faculty.

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Campus News |

Graduates join the class of 2023 for their moment of Rebel triumph as they cross the Thomas & Mack stage.

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People |

Kirk Massey, a Blue Man Group member for nearly 20 years, turned to UNLV when he was ready to get his bachelor's degree in journalism.

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A collection of news stories focused on research, expert insights, and academic achievement.

Journalism and Media Studies In The News


POV: Your teen says it all the time. But why? Everyone knows that “POV” is short for “point of view” to represent a first-person perspective but teens also use it in the second-person to strengthen their opinions, both on social media and in verbal dialogue.


Peppa Pig isn’t the average children’s cartoon. The family of two-dimensional pink pigs with protruding snouts, dressed in colorful clothes and speaking in English accents, has gone from a humble British TV show to a global staple in households with young children. On Friday, the Peppa Pig brand celebrated its 20th anniversary, and still tops most charts in kids’ entertainment.

Bored Panda

When it comes to memes, nothing is off the table, even mental health. Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Professor Lynn Zubernis, Ph.D., writes that memes can actually help us cope. The humor and communication that they can provide help us deal with anxiety and stress. And when we relate to them, it validates our sadness and our struggles.

New York Post

Their slang game has rizzen to new heights. The youngins of Gen Z and Gen Alpha are evoking some old-time 1990s technology into their already-obscure slang. But their latest phrase, “fax, no printer” — a TikToker went viral for saying it in 2021 — has very little to do with dated office devices from before many of them were born.


No film has quite bore so much expectation as The Phantom Menace, the first entry in the Star Wars franchise in 16 years, since Return of the Jedi. In the era of streaming and mass content releases, it feels hard to imagine that level of anticipation and expectation.


Is your teen saying, “Fax, no printer?” Yeah, it has nothing to do with old-school technology.

Journalism and Media Studies Experts

An expert on social and emerging media.
An expert on public relations; storytelling; and the use of artificial intelligence in communications, media, and higher education. 
An expert on social and digital media, and a recognized authority on the role of superheroes and comics books in society. 
An expert in free speech, the media, and First Amendment issues.
An expert in journalism history, reporting, and communication research methods. 
An expert on society and information technologies, with interest in the lifecycle of digital media and privacy

Recent Journalism and Media Studies Accomplishments

Julian Kilker (Journalism and Media Studies) participated in the 2024 AI for Good Global Summit, a multilateral conference hosted by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) that engaged more than 40 other UN Agencies in Geneva, Switzerland over May 29-31. The summit focused on charting possible futures for AI with respect to UN’s 17…
Aya Shata and Dave Nourse (both Journalism and Media Studies) presented a paper titled, "AI in the eyes of PR practitioners: Thoughts, applications, and concerns," at the International Public Relations Research Conference (IPPRC) held in Orlando, Florida. The paper offered valuable insights into the intersection of Generative AI and…
Cat Lee (KUNV) has joined the 91.5 Jazz and More family as an on-air personality, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the world of entertainment and a deep love for jazz and eclectic sounds. His dynamic presence and genuine enthusiasm for music make him the perfect fit for 91.5 Jazz and More, which strives to provide listeners with an…
Gregory A. Borchard (Journalism and Media Studies), associate director and undergraduate coordinator, was elected president of the Society of Nineteenth Century Historians for a 2023-24 term to advance and promote 19th-century historical studies through the encouragement of research, teaching, presentation of findings, and publication.
Benjamin Burroughs, Shi-Quan Nettingham, and Dave Nourse (all Journalism and Media Studies) published a paper titled '“Stick to Sports” and Critical Sports Media Industry Studies" in the Journal of Sport and Social Issues. This research aims at unpacking the discourse of “stick to sports,” which audiences and industry wield to police social…
Bryson Carrier, Robert W. Salatto, Dustin W. Davis, Jacquelyn V.L. Sertic, Brenna Barrios, Graham R. McGinnis, Tedd J. Girouard, James W. Navalta (all Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences), and Benjamin Burroughs (Journalism and Media Studies) published "Assessing the Validity of Several Heart Rate Monitors in Wearable Technology…