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The Hank Greenspun School of Journalism and Media Studies offers an innovative and integrated approach to research and study of today’s dynamic news, marketing, public relations, and social media in traditional and digital environments.

Current Journalism and Media Studies News

three people in tv studio
Campus News | October 26, 2020

'We Need to Talk' discussion series continues. Tune into the next episode Oct. 29.

several hands clasped
Campus News | September 15, 2020

Educational series explores issues on race and seeks solutions for a more inclusive society.

Nicole Santero at home, surrounded by BTS memorabilia, including a poster.
People | August 3, 2020

Nicole Santero balances her job communicating about the School of Public Health with her doctoral research on the BTS phenomenon.

two women talking via video conference call
Campus News | July 14, 2020

Urban Affairs’ Advising Center Crafts Remote Infrastructure in Response to Pandemic

black person and white person holding hands at protest
Campus News | June 5, 2020

UNLV alumna Jessica Walters Murrey offers advice to those seeking to be allies in social change.

People | June 5, 2020

How a classroom assignment led UNLV alumna Jessica Walters Murrey to a career as a social change communication expert.

Journalism and Media Studies In The News

Men's Health
September 23, 2020

Faced with zero gravity, a young, healthy adult in space can lose up to 20 percent of their muscle mass in five to 11 days. That’s the hell that awaits U. S. Navy Lieutenant Jonny Kim, 36, who recently completed NASA’s astronaut-candidacy training for his potential first trip to space.

Las Vegas Sun
September 21, 2020

Brenda Williams had just been hired as the first Black bank teller in Nevada.

Las Vegas Review Journal
September 12, 2020

The clock is ticking and time is winding down on the U.S. Census 2020. On Sept. 30 when the record hot summer is but a memory, the official count of people living in the United States will end. Iced drinks will be replaced by pumpkin lattes and Nevada’s official population count will be frozen in time with the number of people documented to be living here on April 1, 2020.

September 1, 2020

UNLV's students and professors returned to campus last Monday to kick off the fall semester. Although the campus is open, it is vastly different from what most Rebels remember.

April 9, 2020

Marvel has an extended family that stretches far and wide. Over the past decade, countless figures have joined the House of Ideas, often coming from an equally wonderful world with its own tenured pedigree. The Creative Director of Marvel Themed Entertainment, Brian Crosby, blends the universes of Marvel and Disney as a fan-turned-fixture of the former who got his start working with the latter! And hey, you might've even seen him recently leading livestream How To Draw episodes about Spider-Man and Groot!

Las Vegas Sun
April 6, 2020

Bryce Palafox can wake up five minutes before his classes begin at UNLV and still be on time. There’s no jockeying for a parking spot or racing across campus from the dorms.

Journalism and Media Studies Experts

An expert in journalism history, reporting, and communication research methods. 
An expert in marketing communication, political ads, and the regulation of controversial products.
An expert in health journalism. 
An expert on social and digital media, and a recognized authority on the role of superheroes and comics books in society. 
An expert on society and information technologies, with interest in the lifecycle of digital media and privacy
An expert in free speech, the media, and First Amendment issues.

Recent Journalism and Media Studies Accomplishments

October 15, 2020
Donovan Conley (Communication Studies) and Benjamin Burroughs (Journalism and Media Studies) have co-edited a special issue of the journal Communication and the Public on the theme: Ad/Dressing Civic Wounds. This publication began as a conference hosted by the departments of COM and JMS in March 2019, which brought together nationally prominent...
October 13, 2020
Stephen Bates (Journalism and Media Studies) wrote an article for the Atlantic series on the U.S. Constitution, "The Man Who Wanted to Save the First Amendment by Inverting It," which published this month. It analyzes the positive theory of the First Amendment, which holds that the government must expand freedom of speech, not merely refrain from...
September 1, 2020
Emma Frances Bloomfield (Communication Studies) and Michael Easter (Journalism and Media Studies) are the founders of the Public Communication Initiative, which has designed and launched a survey of Nevadans' climate attitudes. The survey was created in partnership with Gov. Steve Sisolak's climate strategy team to inform their climate initiatives...
August 20, 2020
Stephen Bates (Journalism and Media Studies) is the author of a forthcoming book, An Aristocracy of Critics: Luce, Hutchins, Niebuhr, and the Committee That Redefined Freedom of the Press (Yale University Press), that has received a starred review from Kirkus. Kirkus calls it "a fascinating, prodigiously researched intellectual history," with "...
July 16, 2020
Jay J. Shen, Sfurti Rathi, Kalyn Frost (Healthcare), Catherine Dingley (Nursing), Ji Won Yoo (Medicine), and Soo Kyong Kim (Journalism & Media Studies), along Hee-Taik Kang, a past visiting scholar in the School of Public Health, published a study on "Sociocultural Factors Associated with Awareness of Palliative Care and Advanced Care Planning...
July 16, 2020
Stephen Bates (Journalism and Media Studies) is cited in a New Yorker article on the democratic role of the news media. The author relies extensively on Bates's forthcoming book, An Aristocracy of Critics: Luce, Hutchins, Niebuhr, and the Committee That Redefined Press Freedom (Yale).