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The Department of Communication Studies’ mission is to help students, members of the Las Vegas community, and citizens from all walks of life develop healthy interpersonal relationships, manage small groups and organizations, speak with knowledge and confidence, critically evaluate and present complex data, and ensure the development of sound public policy.

Current Communication Studies News

man in child's bedroom with two kids dancing behind him
People | July 7, 2020

Remote orientation keeps energy and enthusiasm up among new students through the pandemic.

Eight UNLV graduates pose for a photo in their graduation attire.
Campus News | June 11, 2020

A collection of stories featuring UNLV’s continued flexibility and adaptability in the face of COVID-19.

A woman in an Army uniform smiles
People | May 20, 2020

National Guard member and UNLV student Jackie Trujillo finds way to balance helping combat the virus with her studies.

Campus News | April 9, 2020

A collection of news stories highlighting UNLV’s response to COVID-19 and faculty experts who have helped the community make sense of the pandemic and its impact to daily life.

girl on computer with earbuds
Business and Community | March 20, 2020

UNLV communication studies professor Natalie Pennington offers tips to preserve your mental health while protecting your physical health.

four friends arguing
Research | March 17, 2020

UNLV communication professor Emma Bloomfield on breaking through scientific misinformation

Communication Studies In The News

Las Vegas Sun
June 15, 2020

A normal day on the UNLV campus has students walking class to class, studying in groups at public tables, and waiting in line at the student union for a snack before heading to a packed lecture hall for class.

June 2, 2020

You can’t exactly force friends, neighbors or strangers to wear a face covering to slow the spread of coronavirus, but experts prescribe a few approaches to help nudge them in the right direction — and keep yourself safe.

KVVU-TV: Fox 5
May 28, 2020

A local Las Vegas UNLV student and Nevada National Guard is celebrated for her heroism not just for her service during 1 October but also during the coronavirus pandemic.

Las Vegas Sun
May 28, 2020

Jackie Trujillo appears to be seasoned for any crisis that comes her way.

May 22, 2020

The World Health Organization has called the spread of misinformation around the coronavirus an "infodemic." So what do you do when it's somebody you love spreading the misinformation? In this episode, Maddie talks with Invisibilia reporter Yowei Shaw about one man's very unusual approach to correcting his family. And we hear from experts about what actually works when trying to combat misinformation.

May 20, 2020

The nation's top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has been recommending people wear face masks out in public since early April.

Communication Studies Experts

An expert in organizational communication that pertains to emergencies such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and mass shootings.
Dean of the Greenspun College of Urban Affairs and expert in community renewal, risk and crisis communications. 
An expert in online relationships, grief, interpersonal communication, social support, and communication technology.
An expert in argumentation, persuasion, propaganda, and the history of political theory.
An expert in competitive debate, policy debate, argumentation and persuasion, and presidential and political debates.
An expert on science communication, religion and politics.

Recent Communication Studies Accomplishments

June 15, 2020
The Department of Communication Studies would like to recognize a recent publication entitled“The Effects of Establishing Intimacy and Consubstantiality on Group Discussions about Climate Change Solutions,” authored by two of our faculty members, in collaboration with co-authors from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  Dr. Emma Frances...
May 1, 2020
The Graduate College is pleased to announce the Spring 2020 Graduate College Medallion recipients. Graduate College Medallion recipients are exceptionally involved during their time as graduate students at UNLV. Medallions are given in the semester students graduate.  This semester's recipients are: Austin McKenna, Biological...
April 17, 2020
Emma Frances Bloomfield (Communication Studies) has a chapter in the forthcoming volume, Routledge Handbook of Ecocultural Identity. Her chapter, "The Reworking of Evangelical Christian Ecocultural Identity in the Creation Care Movement," explores how creation care members refigure their Christian identity to make room for ecological ways of...
March 19, 2020
Emma Frances Bloomfield (Communication Studies) published an article in The Conversation titled, "How to Talk to Someone You Believe is Misinformed About the Coronavirus." The article provides information about common misperceptions about the coronavirus and strategies for correcting misinformation.
March 10, 2020
Erika Engstrom (Communication Studies) is featured in a podcast for the New Books Network, a consortium of author-interview podcast channels that brings scholarly research to the public via new media. She was interviewed about her book Feminism, Gender, and Politics in NBC's "Parks and Recreation," as well as her other books and ongoing research...
March 3, 2020
Erika Engstrom (Communication Studies) presented "The Gendered Endgame: Marvel's 'New Man'" at the 32nd annual conference of the Far West Popular Culture and American Cultures Association in Las Vegas last month. An expert in gender and media, she discussed how Marvel's blockbuster film Avengers: Endgame presents modified versions of masculinity...