Accomplishments: Department of English

March 20, 2019
Sam Gilpin, Carly Hunter, Jenessa Kenway, and Alexander Valle (all English) each presented a paper at the 2nd annual Graduate Student Conference hosted by the UNLV department of world languages and cultures and sponsored by the Organization of Vistas of Hispanic Studies with support from UNLV English's world literature program. The conference theme was "Games, Sins & Mafia."
February 12, 2019
Matthew S. Dentice (English) has been awarded the 2019 Medieval Association of the Pacific (MAP) Founders' Prize for his paper, “Monarch of the Past and of the Future: Joachim of Fiore, the Last Emperor, and the Myth of King Arthur’s Return.” The prize recognizes an outstanding scholarly paper fashioned from a presentation given at the previous year’s annual conference by a graduate student, recent graduate, or independent scholar. The paper, tracing the popular notion of King Arthur’s future...
February 1, 2019
Emma Frances Bloomfield (Communication Studies) and Denise Tillery (English) published an article about how climate change deniers make use of social media to circulate climate misinformation. The article is titled, "The Circulation of Climate Change Denial Online: Rhetorical and Networking Strategies on Facebook" and was published in the journal Environmental Communication. Comparing the networking and rhetorical strategies of Watts Up With That and the Global Warming Policy Forum's Facebook...
January 30, 2019
Timothy Erwin (English) has lectured recently on Jane Austen's fiction in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Victoria, British Columbia; and Oakland, California, as Traveling Lecturer for the West Region of the Jane Austen Society of North America, and gave an illustrated talk, "A Carracci Venus at the Court of James II and Mary of Modena," in January at the Modern Language Association meeting in Chicago.
October 3, 2018
David J. Morris (English) will be taking part in a New York Times panel at UC San Diego on Oct. 4. The webcast panel, "Hollywood and The Artist's Gaze on Vets," includes C.J. Chivers, a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer, and Jason Hall, the screenwriter of American Sniper.
September 28, 2018
Susan Byrne (World Languages) was an invited guest for a celebration of International Hispanism, organized by the foundation Duques de Soria, earlier this month. Fifty-eight invited Hispanists from 35 countries participated in the events, held in the Casa de las Americas, the Real Academia de la Lengua Española and the Palacio de El Pardo in Madrid. King Felipe VI presided over the last night's homage event.
September 26, 2018
Deborah Arteaga (World  Languages) has been certified as a medical interpreter (Spanish-English) by the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters.  
September 25, 2018
David Morris (English) was quoted in a column, "The Brett Kavanaugh Case Shows We Still Blame Women for the Sins of Men,"  by Rebecca Solnit in The Guardian about PTSD and sexual assault survivors.
September 25, 2018
Jay Nietling (Physics and Astronomy), Katelyn DiBenedetto (Graduate College), Anabel Chavva (Service Learning & Leadership), Sara Tajalli (Writing Center), Shanna Kinzel (Student Union & Event Services), and Jill Zimbelman (Research and Economic Development) are this year's recipients of the Professional Development Awards. These $500 awards are granted to individuals who would like funding for a professional development endeavor. Six are granted each year and can be used toward...
September 24, 2018
Susan Byrne (World Languages and Cultures) served as a jury member to determine the winner of the Queen Sofía Spanish Institute's Translation Prize. The award ceremony to recognize prize winner Allen Young for best translation into English of a Spanish novel published between 2010 and 2017 and to award a second prize for continued excellence in translation to Margaret Jull Costa took place took place at the Instituto Cervantes in New York City earlier this month.
September 20, 2018
John M. Bowers (English) had his book Tolkien's Lost Chaucer — based on his discovery of an unpublished, unknown book by the author of The Lord of the Rings — accepted for publication by Oxford University Press.
September 7, 2018
Brittany Bronson (English) was featured this month on The Takeaway, National Public Radio's national news program, discussing economic justice and the value of service industry workers. In addition to teaching English at UNLV, she is an alum, having earned a master's degree in English in 2014.