News: Department of Anthropology

Research | August 21, 2012
William on mentoring, the relationship between humans and flies, and how they both will make him a better doctor.
Research | August 21, 2012
Tiffany on research and why there might be more to the relationship adage "in sickness and in health" than we thought.
Research | July 16, 2012
A collection of stories featuring interesting discoveries driven by UNLV that have made news in 2012.
People | April 13, 2012
UNLV employees recently were honored at the 2012 Academic Recognition Ceremony with systemwide and universitywide awards for notable research, teaching, and service.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Research | February 27, 2012
Honey Key Ingredient in Evolution of Human Diet and Brain, UNLV Study Finds.
People | July 16, 2010
This monthly award program recognizes classified staff employees who go above and beyond and contribute an extra something while on the job.
Research | June 18, 2010
Anthropology professor Peter Gray explores the evolution of fatherhood in new book.
Archaeologist studies arrowhead
People | June 4, 2010
Alan Simmons' fieldwork across the globe offers insights on early human development.
People | June 4, 2010
A number of UNLV professors receive systemwide and universitywide awards for notable research and creative activities.
Student hiking through a forest
People | February 4, 2010
Students put down books and pick up passports for unique learning experiences.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
People | April 1, 2007