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The curriculum offered by the Department of Chemistry meets the needs of students who intend to pursue advanced traiing in the sciences, medicine, and other professional and technical fields. With chemistry being known as the "central science," our students establish a strong understanding in the composition, structure, and properties of matter, especially in chemical reaction.

Current Chemistry and Biochemistry News

Josh Hawkins, UNLV
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News highlights featuring UNLV students and staff who made (refreshing) waves in the headlines.

Amid a sea of red graduation caps, a 2023 tassel stands out in the crowd
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UNLV President Keith E. Whitfield honors six graduates for their unwavering commitment to excellence.

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UNLV junior Rose Jiang is the artist behind 'Primum Non Nocere,' digital art gifted to the Kirk Kerkorian School of Medicine by the class of 2023.

A biology student working in a lab.
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Science fiction meets reality in this biology lab course that uses mutant enzymes to transform students into scientists.

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UNLV faculty earned two grants this summer through NASA’s Minority University Research and Education Project to enhance STEM curriculum for students and advance promising research.  

UNLV professor Chandra Bhattacharya
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UNLV biochemist Chandra Bhattacharya is unlocking clues for treatment of cancer and other diseases; answer may lie in mRNA.

Chemistry and Biochemistry In The News


Are you sick and tired of getting sick and tired? A UNLV-led research team is exploring whether the reason we sometimes feel ill in the first place is because our body's cells suffer from trash that accumulates within them.


For decades it has been an open question in the ubiquitin research field how proteins are labeled as being defective or unneeded. In a recent study Brenda Schulman, Director at the Max Planck Institute (MPI) of Biochemistry, and Gary Kleiger, Chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at University of Las Vegas Nevada, together with their teams were able to visualize this precise mechanism, catalyzed by the Cullin-RING Ligase E3s, for the first time.

Tasting Table

Order a bourbon Neat at your local bar and you'll probably get a shot served straight up in a rocks glass. If you happen to be sampling the wares at a bourbon-centric venue though, you may find yourself sipping from a glass that looks more like a mini-vase than barware. If so, what you have in your hand is the ultimate tasting glass; a finely tuned vessel crafted to reveal even the most subtle nuances of bourbon. It's called Neat, an acronym for naturally engineered aroma technology. The prototype for the specially engineered barware was created by accident in 2002. It all came about because its inventor forgot to run his dishwasher.

Las Vegas Review Journal

After delaying the vote last month, Henderson’s City Council is expected to vote Tuesday on a controversial development on top of a 100-year-old mine near Lake Las Vegas. A handful of items on the upcoming council agenda are connected with a proposed 3,000-home development to be built over the site of the Three Kids Mine, an open-pit mine that was used to supply manganese for weapons in World War I.


Welcome to UNLV. Today is the first of our four live shows from campus and Greenspun Hall during this, the university’s Homecoming Week.


Welcome to UNLV. Today is the first of our four live shows from campus and Greenspun Hall during this, the university’s Homecoming Week.

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An expert in research infrastructure, electrochemistry, chemistry, and radiochemistry.   

Recent Chemistry and Biochemistry Accomplishments

Ph.D. candidate Harry Jang (Radiochemistry) recently published an article in ACS Omega titled, "Tailoring Triuranium Octoxide into Multidimensional Uranyl Fluoride Micromaterials." The article investigates uranium microstructured materials with the aim of elaborating on unexplored uranium fluoride micromaterials. The successful…
The article "Advancing the Nuclear Safety and Security Culture Post-Fukushima: Strengthening the Broader Humanitarian Impacts Agenda" was recently published in the British American Information Security Council's (BASIC) Emerging Voices Network (EVN). Radiochemistry Ph.D. candidate, Liuba Pauline Williams (Chemistry and Biochemistry) is a first…
Matt Sheridan and Ao Li (both Chemistry and Biochemistry) published their research paper, "Reversible Amine-to-Imine Chemistry at a Covalent Organic Framework for Sustainable Uranium Redox Separation," in the journal of ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering. This publication is a collaboration with Soochow and Fudan university focused on…
Jessica Grifaldo (Life Sciences), Erin Cassin (Life Sciences), Dengxun Lai (Life Sciences), Landon Netherton (Life Sciences), Efren Heredia (Chemistry), Ryan Doss (Life Sciences), and Monika Karney (Life Sciences) all won prizes for their oral or poster presentations at the Regional American Society for Microbiology Meeting that was held in the…
Doctoral student Paula Ramirez (Radiochemistry) has been selected for a fellowship under the Department of Energy's University Nuclear Leadership Program (UNLP), becoming the eighth student from UNLV to win the prestigious award. The highly competitive graduate fellowship program will fully fund Ramirez's research over a three-year period…
Łukasz Sznajder (Biochemistry) received a High Priority, Short-Term Project Award from the Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation to study myotonic dystrophy type 2 (DM2). DM2 has garnered less attention than myotonic dystrophy type 1 (DM1), lacking approved treatments or clinical trials. The uncertainty persists in applying DM1 therapeutic strategies to…