Research in Print: Winter 2014

Faculty authors explore our place in the universe, Gandhi and his mentors, a small city’s civil rights struggle, and more.

In This Series

Portrait of Richard Wiley
Research | November 1, 2014
UNLV English professor Richard Wiley offers insight into the inspiration and writing process for his newest novel.
George Rhee
Research | January 16, 2015
Astronomy professor's book offers a history of cosmology and a primer on what's to come.
Satish Sharma
Research | January 16, 2015
The social work professor's fourth and final book on the thinkers who shaped the world leader's pacifism and civil disobedience.
Todd E. Robinson
Research | February 6, 2015
History professor takes a look at how the civil-rights struggle played out in second-tier cities like Grand Rapids, Mich.

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