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Katheryn "K.C." Brekken, Assistant Research Professor for the School of Public Policy and Leadership and MGM Resorts International Institute at UNLV poses in front of the Las Vegas Strip.
Nov 5, 2018

Ask this researcher about how citizens can be part of policy solutions.

Orlando Bustos
Nov 1, 2018

A simple degree upgrade led graphic designer Orlando Bustos to an internship with NASA and a job with Arcata Associates.

Woman framed by books
Oct 23, 2018

Rebecca Gill’s experience is informing gender inequality research and inspiring other women to share their stories.

Oct 17, 2018

Scholarship fuels research that could save communities from floods.

two women
Oct 8, 2018

UNLV researchers find that planning and produce can help moms-to-be reduce diabetes risks.

Librarian and student in an instructional session
Oct 5, 2018

A national, multi-institutional study finds that academic library instruction helps keep undergraduates in school.

Oct 4, 2018

UNLV engineers developed a team of drones that detect radioactivity in areas where it’s unsafe or unfeasible for other trackers to go.

Dr. Nadia Gomez
Oct 3, 2018

A national study on simulation training is changing how obstetrics and gynecology practitioners learn to perform surgeries.

two women at resort property
Oct 3, 2018

Few women hold executive positions in the hospitality industry. Two UNLV researchers explore the implications.

Plate with food made out of money
Oct 2, 2018

UNLV researchers explore how plant genes, food rescue, and financial savvy could help feed humankind.