Topic: Research

UNLV professor Chandra Bhattacharya
Research | August 22, 2023

UNLV biochemist Chandra Bhattacharya is unlocking clues for treatment of cancer and other diseases; answer may lie in mRNA.

The Las Vegas Strip. (Josh Hawkins)
Research | August 11, 2023

Obsolete architecture and a warming planet have tag-teamed, making our cities hotter. But new technologies and sustainable urban development strategies could soon change our fates.

China's FAST radio telescope
Research | July 28, 2023

International team reports on a radio pulsar phase of a Galactic magnetar that emitted a fast radio burst in 2020; observations suggest unique origins for “bursts” and “pulses," which adds to FRB formation theory.

illustration of a microquasar in outer space
Research | July 26, 2023

An international team of scientists reports in Nature the first detection of a quasi-periodic oscillation signal in the radio band from a Galactic black hole system.