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Research in Print: Spring 2008

UNLV faculty authors shed light on Chicana history, willing suspension of disbelief, Ghandi’s gurus, and more.

In This Series

Portrait of María Raquél Casas
Research | November 1, 2008
UNLV history professor María Raquél Casas explores the racial and gender dynamics of interethnic marriage for Spanish-Mexican women in colonial California.
picture of book cover
Research | November 1, 2008
Anthony J. Ferri examines how the concept of suspension of disbelief affects viewer’s emotional engagement with films.
image of book cover
Research | November 1, 2008
The focus of UNLV philosophy professor Paul Schollmeier’s new book is the ancient Greek notion of happiness and how it may be applied to our modern lives.
image of book cover
Research | November 1, 2008
Law professor Thomas B. McAffee discusses the history, context, and impact of the Ninth and Tenth amendments to the U.S. Constitution, which focus on the powers held by the states and by the people.
Portrait of Satish Sharma
Research | November 1, 2008
Satish Sharma releases the first of four biographical books centered on the relationships between Mahatma Gandhi and the four men he considered to be his greatest influences.

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