Photo of Steve Rowland with microscope.

Research Briefs: Winter 2014

Supercomputing on campus; cosmic radiation and a mission to Mars; a grant to help at-risk kids; Bluetooth boosts blood-flow sensing; high marks for grad programs; a plentiful mineral from space; hard-to-find soft fossils; climate challenges; the public weighs in on drones; and preserving Nevada’s old newspapers.

In This Series

Campus News | March 11, 2014
University’s top ranked graduate/specialty programs include Boyd Law School’s legal writing program at No. 3, dispute resolution at No. 9.
Research | April 16, 2014
Life Sciences and engineering professors team up to develop life-saving devices to detect stroke and heart problems.
Research | May 16, 2014
UNLV’s Tom Piechota, lead author of the 2014 National Climate Assessment Southwest Section, discusses the impacts of climate change on the region.
Research | June 4, 2014
UNLV paleontologists discover rare Precambrian fossils in remote region of Nevada.
Frank Cucinotta poses outdoors
Research | June 9, 2014
Professor’s research examines how much cosmic radiation is too much, and what damage it can cause.
Research | July 28, 2014
UNLV geoscientist pairs with California professor to nail down the chemical composition of the mineral and give it formal name.
Research | September 17, 2014
Intel’s “Cherry Creek” supercomputer brings world-class computing power to UNLV; Switch SUPERNAP to lead high-tech industry partnerships.
Campus News | September 25, 2014
UNLV Criminal Justice researchers issue national surveys to understand perception of UAS — or aerial drone — use in private and public settings.
Cover of Goldfield Daily News from 1909
Campus News | January 12, 2015
UNLV Libraries leading statewide project to preserve important accounts of Nevada history.
child plays on playground during sunset
Research | January 16, 2015
The three-year project will increase number of practitioners working with children at risk for behavioral health issues.

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UNLV communication studies professor and social media researcher Natalie Pennington unveils the biggest online dealbreakers, cling makers, and tips for culling your contact list.
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UNLV’s reintroduction effort keeps leopard frog species off the endangered list.
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