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UNLV Ethics and Policy Studies Program Wins National Award

The ethics and policy studies program at UNLV will be presented a national Award for Excellence and Innovation in Philosophy Programs later this year.

The award from the American Philosophical Association (APA) and the Philosophy Documentation Center will be presented at the March meeting of the APA in San Francisco.

UNLV's ethics and policy studies program, which offers a master of arts degree, is the second program in the nation to receive the award. Part of the UNLV College of Liberal Arts, the program began in 1987.

The program tends to attract persons who already have been involved in their careers for several years, often in areas such as business, the military, law enforcement, education, government, or other professional fields, said UNLV philosophy professor Craig Walton, who coordinates the program. Core courses include seminars in critical thinking, ethics, policy analysis, and business and professional ethics.

Walton described the program as one that "takes philosophy to people who are not and will not become philosophers in the strict sense, but who seek what we can give them in order to become more able to make intellectually sound and morally serious contributions to society which they could not make without this work."

The Award for Excellence and Innovation in Philosophy Programs is, according to the organizations giving out the award, intended to recognize and reward programs that risk undertaking new initiatives and do so with excellence and success. It also is intended to publicize the success of these programs so that they may inspire and influence others to follow their lead.

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