The Experts Directory is a community service of the University Marketing & Communications Office. To be listed in the directory, an expert must be affiliated with UNLV (current faculty, staff, or students).

  • Speakers UNLV speakers are available to make presentations to community groups, including schools, service clubs, and other local organizations. Arrangements to address a group are made directly between the speaker and the requesting organization.
  • Experts -- Experts are available for media interviews. Members of the media looking for a topical expert or brainstorming story ideas can contact the Media Relations Office at 702-895-3102 for immediate assistance.


As an expert, you are free to talk about any subject, just remember to make it clear whether your subject is related to your academic expertise or whether it's based on a personal interest, such as a hobby.

Also, please make it clear to your audience that any statements you make are your own and are not to be regarded as the official position of the university.

Speaker Fees

Speakers should not ask for speaking fees when addressing community organizations. The exception is when you are asked to speak at a conference that typically pays its professional speakers. In other words, don't ask for a fee if you are asked to speak to Mrs. Clay's third-grade class or a local Chamber of Commerce luncheon. If, on the other hand, you are presenting the keynote speech at a national convention, accepting the organization's standard fee is fine.

Media Interactions

If you are contacted directly for a media interview, please let us know by calling 702-892-3102 or emailing mediarelations@unlv.edu. Media experts never accept fees for interviews. Nor should you ask to review a copy of the story in advance of publication or broadcast.

For more resources and guidelines on interacting with the media, visit the Media Relations Office website.

Please Remember

Failure to show up at a scheduled speaking engagement or interview or inappropriate behavior at a speaking engagement can lead to removal from the directory. Speakers and experts are listed in directory at the discretion of the University Communications Office. Review UNLV workplace policies.

Business dress is appropriate for most speaking engagements. If you are in doubt about what to wear, ask the person who requested you as a speaker what would be appropriate.