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July 8, 2019
A number of bloggers have asked us to discuss sport performance optimization exercises that are supported in science. In answering this call, we’d like to report the results of a study that compared the effectiveness of 3 exercises that were designed to improve running performance (systematic motivational exchanges, yoga, discussion about competitive running), and show how this information can be used to assist athletes immediately prior to competitive events.
April 23, 2019
Imagine that you are a coach. You notice that your team tends to take their strength and conditioning workouts less seriously, when compared to their other training. You want to motivate your athletes to work hard and stay engaged during this training. Would it be better to discuss the negative consequences of not getting stronger? Or focus on the potential benefits of increasing their strength?
March 18, 2019
Aside from a couple play-in wild card games happening tomorrow and Wednesday, the team's are set for this year's NCAA men's basketball tournament. And with 64 teams in the big dance, only one will win, meaning a whopping 63 hopefuls will head home on a loss. So how can players, teams and fans cope with loss when it comes to sports?  
Health News Digest
March 13, 2019
"Losers," a new eight-part Netflix original docuseries, gives viewers access to athletes behind some of the world's most well-publicized sports defeats and the surprisingly sweet life lessons they found in failure.
February 23, 2019
The benefits of appreciation are grounded in science, and important.
January 22, 2019
In this blog series we will review methods that have been shown to collectively improve mental wellness and other contributing factors to sport performance in studies involving intramural, club and NCAA athletes.
Vice Sports
September 7, 2018
TOPPS is a mental health program at UNLV specifically tailored to the individual needs of athletes geared toward optimizing performance in sports, and life.
February 15, 2018
Modern life is crazy stressful. It often feels like you’re trapped inside a 24-hour barrage of bad news, political hijinks and social media-induced envy. There may be no way to fix the world outside your front door, but the world inside can be a haven of your own creation. Here’s how.