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Big History seeks to retell the human story in light of scientific advances by such methods as radiocarbon dating and genetic analysis. Brian Villmoare's book The Evolution of Everything: The Patterns and Causes of Big History provides a deep, causal view of the forces that have shaped the universe, the earth, and humanity.
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Why recent study on modern brain size has experts scratching heads
Discover Magazine
Decades of research suggest that our brains have shrunk over time, but not all scientists agree.
Advanced Science News
Researchers refute a hypothesis that the human brain shrank 3,000 years ago as a result of the transition to living in modern societies.
No, we aren’t devolving: Human brain size hasn’t changed since Jebel Irhoud Person stalked the Sahara 300,000 years ago, says new team
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Humans are proud of their brainpower. Our noggins are some of the largest nature has to offer, and we like to think that we are an intelligent species.
Frontiers Science News
Last year, an article published to Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution made headlines across the world after it claimed human brains shrank in size approximately 3,000 years ago. This, according to the authors, may have driven by the externalization of knowledge in human societies, thus needing less energy to store a lot of information as individuals. As a result, we developed smaller brains.
Until now, our brains were thought to be bigger than they are today. They would have gone through a sudden contraction about 3000 years ago. Scientists are now coming back to that.