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Times Higher Education
Academic presses struggling to keep up with the demand for once-obscure books about war-torn nation
K.L.A.S. T.V. 8 News Now
With war raging in Ukraine, the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) has created a new five week, one credit course about the current crisis and the history of the area. It is appropriately called The Ukrainian Crisis & Its Historical Roots (HIST 279).
K.S.N.V. T.V. News 3
The history department at UNLV has launched a new mini-course to explore the history of Ukraine's relationship with Russia to help explain today's conflict.
The Nevada Independent
From illuminating the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign in yellow and blue, to praying for peace and calling for more military gear to be shipped across the ocean, Nevadans are taking a range of steps to show solidarity with Ukraine as it fends off a Russian invasion.
K.L.A.S. T.V. 8 News Now
A local professor at UNLV says Russia’s next step could determine the danger that lies ahead after its decision to send troops into a separatist region of Ukraine.