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The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) plans to reclassify marijuana to a Schedule III controlled substance from Schedule I. This shift would not only recognize the drug’s medicinal uses, but also acknowledge that it has less potential for abuse.
Las Vegas Review Journal
While most psychedelic drugs remain illegal, that could change as their health benefits become more widely known both in the United States and Nevada, where further psychedelic-assisted therapy could be on the horizon.
The Nevada Independent
John Dalton, a retired Navy SEAL, lost nine of his fellow SEALs in the last year — all to suicide or alcoholism induced by PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. 
An estimated 11% of adults in the US said in a 2021 survey they had taken psilocybin or mushrooms. But not everyone makes "magic mushrooms" a family affair.
Neuroscientists explain how developing brains may be vulnerable to psilocybin's negative effects.
Jaden Smith recently discussed his introduction to psychedelic mushrooms by his mother, Jada Pinkett Smith — who has credited mushrooms as helping her overcome crippling depression.
Are extreme heat waves here to stay? Amber Renee Dixon visits the Desert Research Institute to find out more. Then a panel discusses a bill recently passed that will allow Psilocybin research in Nevada. Can it make a difference for people suffering from PTSD?
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Could magic mushrooms and ecstasy be coming to a psychiatrist’s office near you? They will if state lawmakers approve a bill to allow researchers to use psilocybin and MDMA to aid in therapy.